Thursday, April 29, 2010

The last week

What a crazy wonderful week!
This past Saturday night we listened to Coltrane and Ginsburg,
Oh…How I “love” the combination of music and poetry…
I have a phenomenal Jazz band (The Jazz Assassins)playing at the gallery,
and during the breaks the writers speak there words…
with prose, poetry, excerpts from their own novels
and touches from the great masters of literature.
My prayer is that it will be a blessing to others,
that they will be inspired and encouraged on…
to create!
Sunday went even better, I spent the day with family!
A great group of people at the “Side Door” in Milford, PA
A scheduled poker run for my sister ended up being even better;
Enjoying friends from far away, relatives, and met new friends,
It was wonderful!
I spent the day listening to great music, dancing and barbeque!
They raised over $2,300.00!! They rocked it out!
Which led me to Monday Night’s Student Show;
“Connecting Community” where the local high school students from Honesdale interviewed the artists from the Wayne County Arts Alliance.
They created works of pottery to reflect each artist.
I was impressed by their work, they did an outstanding job!
I hope to post the pictures of everything this week!
Unfortunately, all the excitement left me a little under weather,
I am very behind on everything, and for once in my life…
I will be calling for help!
Thank you for all your warm letters!
Yes, I am alive and kicking! just working my butt off!
A cherry, I drew for the ATC Show in July.
The other two are of Nancy Wells, a fabulous artist and retired teacher from the School of Visual Arts, my alma mater!
The images are from a book she has done!

Monday, April 19, 2010

ATC's - The Letter "o"

This was my little attempt to do the letter “o”
along side a friend named Terri, who does this fun blog:
ABC - ATCs Around The World

This is a group from around the world doing
a brilliant job at ATC’s!
There are so many types of ATC’s available to do!

The only limitations are your own!
This site is a good place to start looking,
getting inspired and hopefully
starting your own artist trading cards!
Be sure to drop them a line,
mention a comment, these women
have wonderful, playful, spirits!
They are my friends!
Have fun creating!

Friday, April 16, 2010

For Stephanie

My new project:

As you all know my sister, Stephanie has been diagnosed with stage four cancer.
I have decided to put my energy into a positive endeavor for her plight, and of course those beautiful children too.
I wanted to do a show with the ATC’s and well…
I am!
But as ACEO’s (Art Cards, Editions & Originals)!
The show will be on Friday, July 30th, and I am dedicating it to her, Stephanie!
Raising Funds, for all she is going through!
My goal is 5 ATC drawings a week!
I have asked my artists to join me!
We will be starting the auction price at $1.00 each card, the highest bidder, on each card, at the end of the show will get it!
All the gallery proceeds will go towards helping her with medical costs, food, shelter, basic needs.
Hopefully we can raise a little money to help ease her suffering and have fun while doing it.
I just need to find out the legal stuff this week!
I hope to start uploading the cards as soon as possible…

Just in one day, my favorite girls…
The Linda’s
Linda Cobb and Company…dropped off 25 Zentangle Cards!
I am so grateful to all my good friends, for their loving support!
I hope to get you my “blogger friends” involved too!
If you are interested just let me know!
You can be in our show, and on the gallery website!
I will donate all my profits from the show to Stephanie’s Cause, the artists will get the percentage they ask for.
(It will be listed on the auction listing, for disclosure purposes).
I hope to see all of you in my show!
Love, Caroline

The Eye, Study 01 in a series.
I did this card yesterday, have a little more to tweek before finished, and the total is three from me so far!
I better get busy!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I guess putting it out there might not have been the right move, but it’s me. I thank all of you for supporting me.
God is great, with all the little miracles in my life!
I am happy to report…
I have had a day off, and yes, a new woman has emerged!
Enthusiastic about life again!
And I have figured out a way to help my sister-in law,
I hope to share it with you this week!
I am looking forward to the Drawing Circle tonight!
I just wanted to let you all know, I am staying with the gallery!
And will continue doing what I love!

Thank you all again!

Keith Helwig at our Drum Circle, he is a mixed media artist whom I’d love to show at the gallery!
My daughter Angelina, whom I enjoyed my day off, and the lake!
Where we went: “Lake Wallenpaupack!”

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The images are other items made by Pat Baker Smith,
She is just phenomenal with what she can do with a brush!
Besides she is a great friend too!

My silly life:

I am so tired of apologizing for my life’s craziness,
or do I just…
Embrace it and tell you all about it?
I figured why not, you wonderful ladies have been with me from the start and know me better than anyone.
I had gotten news about three weeks ago, my sister in law has stage 4 cancer!
OMG! A big hit, and just growing worse…
even through the Chemo!
It has hit our family big time.
Before this….
She lost her husband a few years ago,
Two amazing children are my niece and nephew.
Besides that…
My husband and I have been going through a major train wreck with our finance since loosing our home for half it’s value, and me starting this silly gallery.
I finally said it!
It’s finally out there for everyone to know, my beautiful gallery is growing with leaps and bounds, and my personal life is clasping all around me!
Do I go back to our home in New Jersey?
Do I just give it up?
I just can’t quit, I have never been a quitter!
What is a lady to do?
I am extended to the max now, how do go through this?
How in the face of despair do you continue?
Should I continue?
Do I still believe in miracles to the bitter end?
That working my fingers to the bone for nothing more than
a silly dream to help others while I do something I love?
That following my passion will really work?
Do I still believe all that I have always believed?
Could I have been wrong?
Faith, I have it, but was it in the wrong place?
All along on the wrong path…
Seriously loosing her mind.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Too Gorgeous outside to work inside!

Another busy day at the gallery, however…
I have managed to sneak in a little work!
A new sketch!
That is the first picture I posted, I love this girl’s soulful eyes!

Also… new work by Pat Baker Smith, these gourds are spectacular!
She grows them in her garden, hallows them out, dries them, and then paints these beautiful pictures on them!
Can you imagine?
She only charges from $35-55.00 for all that work!
I bought two!
Anyway, don’t tell my husband!
Thought you would like a peek!
Reminder I would like to do an ATC Show!
The week ending: July 31st, If any of you are interested?
let me know, we will show your work!
and then I will send them back or
will trade you with my own trading cards!
Hope to hear from you
Keep creating!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Michelle Doty Erbach and The Artist Lounge Event

I am so grateful to have met a new friend Michelle Erbach,
She is a talented artist and will be giving a demonstration on ATC's at the gallery!
She is also a fellow blogger...

I look forward to shaking up the town with her!

This is our newest monthly event! I hope to meet lots of great artists!

“The Artist’s Lounge”
April 14th 5-7pm
The Wayne County Arts Alliance and the Philip Hone Gallery
Would like to welcome all artists from the novice to the professional!
A gathering of artists sharing information
and supporting the art community!
Come join us and bring your current work for discussion!
The artist lounge provides an opportunity for artists
to network and share their ideas !
Each month we will have a new artist demonstrate something new!
April’s Topic:
“ATC’s - Artist Trading Cards”
Our guest artist will be
Michelle Doty Erbach
Demonstrating ATC’s
A small original piece of art created with the
intention of swapping! Find out about this new craze!
Refreshments will be served!

Keep creating! Love Caroline