Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Street Fair!

Some pictures from our last street fair!
The talented and charming Ann Marie Jones, whose warm heart and soul has kept me going! She is such a pleasure to work with, and talk about talented can you see her drawings? They put me to shame!
Looking forward to this week with Ms. Pat Baker Smith! She will be out front for the Fabulous Fifties weekend Street Fair! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the local stores will be setting up shop outside with tons of activities for all!
Some more photos:
A little photo of the Train going by with all the Antique Cars in the Parade… right behind our gallery is the Honesdale Welcoming Center where the passengers board the Stourbridge Line Rail Excursions. The Great Train Robbery is so much fun! The actors are incredible and so much fun to watch! Last year they even came into the gallery!
The next show will be July 25th… They even have the “fall foliage” run….
You can find out more information here: Stourbridge Line Rail Excursions

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sharing the Written Word at the PHG

A "Night of the Arts" a monthly event where we gather together sharing the written word between music and art!
As you can see we have a nice crowd of people who enjoy this event!
There is something magical that happens when the beauty of the written word combines with music...
Espcially when surrounded by all the great art from the local artisians.
We even have aspiring artists drawing while enjoying the music!

This month at the (July 31st 6-9pm) at the Philip Hone Gallery, we have the Millanville Poets Unlimited sharing their words! the Millanville Poets Unlimited are Tracey Ranze, Sheila Dugan, and Mort Malkin.
Come and join us, all are welcome, and yes; you can bring a sketch pad!

In the pictures:
Ms. Suzanna Rhea Hadorn sharing poetry and her manuscript.
Tamara Murray, the Director of the Wayne County Arts Alliance sharing her inspirational words.
A view from the side of the gallery!

I am grateful to all my artists! Thank you for being part of this!

Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone. ~G.B. Stern
Keep creating and share your words and works with the world!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thank You for your support!

Images are by Donie Schmidt; friend and one talented lady!

I'm sure I might have posted these before, but I am so proud of her!
and I miss you terribly!

First I want to say a big! “I MISS YOU” to all my blogging buddies!
I finally had the home computer-internet fixed today!
So get ready to catch up!
New Artists and new work, and my favorite
New Jewelry to drool over.
With the past month behind me…
I decided to delay the fundraiser.
Awh! Before you get angry...
Wait, it’s just so that I could promote the event properly,
With the right marketing plan, bringing in the right people.
Rushing this event wouldn’t be right!
It means too much and deserves doing it right!
The gallery life is busier than ever, with so much to finally tell you!
Thank you for all your warm comments and support!
I am so grateful to have the best blogger friends!
THANK YOU for being there!

This week's critique in the Weekender Magazine;
Chip Forelli!
As you all know my favorite photographer!
Keep creating!