Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Portrait update!

My work; Update on the President Obama drawing; Here it is, only worked an hour on it today, maybe tonight I will get more done.. Remember this is only 3 hours total, hopefully; I will have a finished piece for tomorrow!

Beautiful Day....

The ride home from the studio......

this is behind Bud & Norm's Ice Cream Parlor, rt 590.

At the Studio, the front room, the chandelier was put up! And the framing started for my mini kitchen! It was a great day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My daughter & her Journal Entry

President Obama

I am sharing my new Portrait! President Obama, This is what I did today…..Drawing Drawing Drawing!
Studio News-- The plumbing is complete. Well, the lines are in the room! (I am waiting for the cabinetry)
About Me:
First I am sharing the latest and most favorite piece of art I found: My daughters drawing & journal entry!!
The artist is little miss Angelina; My favorite inspiration!
Not sure if you can read what she wrote? It just makes me realize how blessed I truly am!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wonderful Sunday!

Just thought a little photo of the building…… Original photo!
Courtesy of the Phillip Hone Gallery
Studio News:
Today the plumbers are busy working!!! Yeah. My kitchen sink will be in soon! I am home working on the business plan. Ugh!!!
Kids swinging from the chandelier, Dog eating off the table, and teenagers blasting music; normal home life stuff!
I seem to be loosing some ground with all the formal business stuff! Any advice?
Blogging has become such a wonderful…. time waster for me!!
It’s addicting! Up here in the boonies, friends are really far away, the country side is amazing, but being so isolated has limited my friend making! Since moving here and loosing contact with all my peeps….. (2hrs away) sigh….
Its wonderful to find some new ones!! I love imagining what they are doing. Most of the peeps I’ve met here (blogging) are so talented!! A wonderful quirky neighborhood!!
I am not sure of 99% of what I am doing here. But if I am going to get back to LIFE!! I need to start somewhere. Hence my continual pleas for assistance…. Technology has come so far. I think I will hire a teenager monthly to show me!(hehe)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Some New pictures....

I wish I could control the placement of these photos better..... I'm not sure if you can see...
All those wires are for the future computers!! New technology..... I am so excited! not sure what's for what..... But I am enjoying the ride!!
Just showing these photos' of the lounge area; I painted this dark green, not sure what I should have painted it, the red brick, white trim..... green carpet!! What do you think? Besides I got this color in the oops pile! I like it!
I am considering painting some large flowers in white; graphic shapes..... who know suggestions are welcome!! and opinions!

A sunny view....

Wonderful day!!
The warm and sunny sky was beautiful today!
Inspiring me to work on fixing the camera…… and Voila it was fixed!! I have captured some amateur-ish attempts at flowers in the window!
I kinda like it….Since all my family loved the view out my window in the snow, I thought a little sunny inspiration might be in order???? I hope you like it…..
Anyone else into the ghosts? I am totally addicted to Ghost shows!! Paranormal state, Ghost Adventures, and the Ghost hunters!!
I don’t understand my fascination with these shows, but I think I am driving my honnie to drink!!!!! Well something is! Hehehe…..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sick Again....

Well the whole month has been fueled with sickness!! I knew it was bound to happento me.
Now I have been in bed for two days with a stomach bug! Shall i say virus? Considering that I am allergic to everything... who knows? Maybe a bad reaction? The children and "spouse" are hating me right now, everything is a mess, laundry needs doing, animals need feeding and I don't care!! Shall I say I wish I could.... and move to do something about it! Hell no!
I hope everyone else is doing better? Either way.... no one ever says hi? Now what is that all about? Bloggers don't just stop in and say hi?
Studio News!
The enormous job of running wires has now been completed! I think there are over 24 lines of cord for computer stuff! God knows why we will need that much but it's there!
The painting in the lounge area has started. A beautiful dark green that goes great with the brick is on two walls. That area is right infront of the big front window, there is pleanty of light there. One of my favorite features are those fancy iron window coverings!
I hope to paint huge flowers in white over the green! I keep pondering on which images I should do! Anyway.... BACK TO BED!

Monday, March 23, 2009

At least things are looking better!!!

At least things are looking better than this picture!!!
Lake Ariel, PA
Anne Bradstreet:
If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

What a week!

Well as life goes; there are ups and there are downs! I’ve kept quiet and kept going, being the dutiful wife & mother, and all mention of that “argument” have settled down! A matter of fact…..He said he will be going there tonight? Huh? I’m not sure what is going thru his mind, but I said “that’s nice honey”…..
I really, really don’t want to get him upset again!!
So let me explain explain my week…. two of my girls are sick; Ashley(14) has Mono, yes mono!!! And my little Angelina (7)is being sent to a neurologist!!! I am extremely worried; she started this nervous tick (not the bug!!!) thing with her head this last week! All of a sudden this started! We had her seen by the doctor; Friday and he didn’t see any cause for this, thus the neurologist!! First thing today; I will be calling; hopefully I can get her in quickly!!
So keep her in your prayers! Please!
All the troubles with the business; it don’t compare…. not in the least, to the pain of anything happening to my children; so now looking back on the week; its just fine if the studio doesn’t open on time, what really matters is my family!!
The Studio:
What I managed to complete this week; I got to paint over all the black paint on the flower mural with black board paint and now it is a black board!! So hot; and next magnetic paint for the flower …..So cool; I might have to special order it; I can’t seem to find it around here! The trim is coming along….. I am painting it!! And painting it!!!! And painting it!! All in all…..It has been one of those weeks!
I was way too busy to get the camera’s mailed out for repair; sorry, I will try this week!!!
I hope everyone else is doing better than I. This coming week should be great! Good things to come!
Keep being Creative!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's over?

A wild week…..My husband being the great worker he is must have had way too much to drink that night working on the trim! Which if two guys getting together…..leads to drinking….and drunken banter… and smoke breaks….And more drinking, so when I tell you….. which I wish I could say was good news….. it’s not! I can see over a half inch between the joints where the crown molding attaches; The sad truth is…. he truly remembered doing a great job!
So how do you tell your husband the next day the work he did; sucked!!!! Well I called him and gently asked him not to be mad at me, but I hate it! Then….
it gets even better
Now you know that I haven’t been posting daily for awhile; I have been too hurt and devastated to write….to… try and pretend that everything is fine. My husband gave me the talk… and it appears that this studio was just supposed to be a place for me to draw! Not a business!!!!! Or anything serious!!! with an Opening date or not for me to fix and have running right away!
I knew it was too good to be true! I always said “that when the last child went to school full time I would try and be an artist.”
So is it failure when you didn’t even try?
The sad thing is I actually believed him, that he really cared and understood. When the smarter me inside said? ’WHAT THE FU*K IS GOING ON? …..WHY IS HE BEING SO NICE?
Excuse the French!
I guess the truth hurts! He must think I’m only good enough to give away stuff, to people we know. All day today I ran around without even showing that it mattered to him, but hell!! It does matter, and it hurts pretty damn bad ! I thought it was bad enough that all my stuff got ruined (mold & water damage)!!! but I must have been the biggest fool to believe … to believe that he was actually going to fix up this place and invest in me!
I know I said I wouldn’t use this form to be negative, and I am trying not to be bitter; but for 9 years, I have supported him in his business! Even when times were tuff and still are!! I’m there and believe in him!
I got it out!!! There!~! I am mad as hell at him!
I still don’t know what I am going to do. I just had to come here tonight (the studio)and stare….. Look around….. I am confused & I am not a quitter!!
However I am getting tired of fighting….With the kids….the bank…. and now the husband. With all that has come up; I have two weeks left on this months rent. I am not giving up yet, but I am praying for a miracle. I will keep everyone posted by at the moment renovations have come to a halt!
Please understand that I am angry at my hubbie now; I hope he will be reasonable & reconsider, he really is the greatest! I’m hoping that being mad at his work is what caused all this? Who knows?
All this work… being led here…all for nothing? It really would be wonderful if someone would give me some advice!
Sincerely: Looking for Neverland!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home again!!

Sorry to say I haven’t been to the studio; I am still….. a mother of four; and my 9 nine year old son, Geno, is home with a stomach virus. Yes…. the same virus that shut down the house a week ago!
So its plenty of bed rest for him and a time to catch up on some cleaning around the house.
As for the studio; My husband and his friend, Mike have been busy for two days now doing the molding and trim! I can’t wait to see! And update everyone!! Getting so excited, the opening will be here before I know it!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sorry no picture today!
Studio Update: Both camera’s need repair; (the still camera & the new video one) and over half of my art and equipment is ruined.
We have an extreme issue of deadly, black mold! I’m at a real loss as to what to do! This week had been a rollercoaster of sorts; Loss does that to us, gets us thinking, and thinking! I won’t go into too much detail; but I really needed a morning off, so I took it! I stayed in and slept two extra hours, feeling so guilty! So behind on everything! What else is new, I believe anyone who starts their own business must go thru this!
So with everything going wrong, I have decided to stop the focus on the renovations at the studio; and get some work ready for the opening! I am debating on which date for the opening. It looks like it will be May 29th !!! the Friday night before Memorial Day Weekend!! Start the season off right!! Please give me opinions; suggestions what would everyone like? or what NOT to do!! Here is your chance!! Now write something!! All opinions welcome! what should I sell? Type of Art, people animals….etc. What food should I have the night of the opening? Music?
Actual work on studio:
We have all the molding and trim, I am waiting for the contractor! Here it is Saturday, and they said that they would be there tonight! “Lets see!”
We are all creatures of habit; I love it when things go as planned….. But; they rarely do! I am learning that all things change and to embrace the change. Especially daily!! Monday I plan on, drawing at the studio; Its wonderful to get back into a schedule again, I hope it works! Have a great weekend! Caroline

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A little Poem:
Sometimes our hearts get tangledAnd our souls a little off-kilterFriends and family can set us rightAnd help guide us back to the light.~Sera Christann

Today at the studio; My daughters and I spent the day at the studio; We first met up with my Cousin Mike and his wonderful family, his son Mikey is so cute!!! Anyway hopefully our little plan will…… be up and running by Memorial Day Weekend.
Then I worked out the style to be used in the entrance hallway; I am going to try and paint a small forest!! Don’t laugh they have these wall stickers out, at Pier 1; I really like them; I am going to give painting something like them a try! I understand it isn’t the most original idea out there…. but at the moment I am concentrating on getting the renovation work done, and the wall art ready for the real art to be hung! So a little vegging on the entrance idea should be fine!! I plan to hang paintings and drawings over the forest.
Again there were delays with the carpenter/contractor guy!! Waiting to get the molding up, and the mini kitchen ruff up! And some cabinets, for storage, this will all be great. So I can get organized and get my stuff in. I am getting super tired going back and forth with boxes of stuff I might need!!
I am somewhat relieved that my opening is going to be delayed. I really wanted to be open April 1st, maybe a miracle will come along? but till then....

There are so many little things to work out. I am trying to have a website up and running. I am having trouble setting my prices! Unfortunately, just like thousands of artists out there, just making a minimum wage for the hours you put in to one piece of work, and then getting $50.00 for it, and it took over 30hours!!!!!
I guess the next couple of weeks I will be cruising around the internet for ideas and price comparisons.

Going away for a couple of days!

Monday and Tuesday I will be traveling back home to see the family; great grandma passed away yesterday. My prayers go out to the family! Especially MOM! (I love you)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

DOES this daily entry count?

The picture is a close up section of a mural I did! this was done in a monochrome scheme for the client who wanted it to match even if they changed the decor.
any opinions?

The Daily Words Dale Carnegie:
Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

DOES this daily entry count? It’s almost midnight and posting daily……well it’s drivin’ me crazy!!!
I don’t understand how all these people write intelligent pages….. upon pages every day. They must not have real lives or at least a social life. All the blogs I’ve seen appear to be professional writers; and/or others idiots!!! I guess I fall under the idiot category! One on my favorite bloggers stated on her video blog “there are hater sites totally dedicated to trashing MOTHERS WHO BLOG.” If anyone knows of these sites please forward me the address. I would love to check them out.
I guess writing about being locked in my son’s bathroom for 2 hours really bores the hell out of most. That’s what really happened! (Johnny) I was trying to follow someone’s advise; to write about my life. Frankly my life is either illegal as hell or boring as shit, so something else needs to be written about. That’s why I asked all my friends to comment and give me their opinion.
The studio NEWS: Five kids came to work with me; I believe that states it all! However, unbelievably, I managed four pages of research for the business plan. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I believe with all this thought on blogging;
I will be doing more of writing meaningful stuff; instead of daily crap; so to my peeps….. I love you; and I am sure you are tired of all the crap in the inbox. love and goodnight Caroline


Friday, March 6, 2009

Smell the ROSES???

What really matters in my LIFE...... Family
A friend told me just to be myself when i write so here goes it..... This was my day today!!
Smell the Roses!
Thank you GOD for the little things in life!! If not a whisper….. Then a KNOCK!
This morning everything was becoming overwhelming and distraught, the enormity of starting this hit. I started running around going crazy, my thoughts raced in frantic circles…. how am I gonna do this all…… around and around and around, every imaginable thought of failure. And then…… It hits!! The universe gives you what you need! Time to think! The Funny part.
As I was franticly thinking…. I was doing laundry, multi-tasking, taking clothes out of the dryer …. Not realizing my butt hit the bathroom door, which I couldn’t open!! The handle was too hard for me….. It was locked…… I spent hours sitting in my son’s horrible bathroom LOCKED IN!!! contemplating life and how much I wanted to kill my husband for not fixing the damn door knob!!! Does anyone know what a 21 year old boy’s bathroom looks & SMELLS like? last cleaned over a month ago! Well….. I ended on the floor crying! Oh the smell……yuk, and no cleaning solutions!!!
The lesson……To slow the hell down and RELAX breathe; remember what really matters and F**K the rest!! Do my best that’s all I can do.
This whole day struck me like a sword. I’ve been running ragged for weeks now. Its time to slow down and enjoy this whole journey. I should have remembered this sooner.
Famous words….
Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it. William Feather

Thursday, March 5, 2009

3-05-09 a crazy night.

Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. John Wayne
I was so excited to come across a little wisdom, just what I needed this morning.
I woke up with one major headache. But it was well worth it; a great friend needed a shoulder last night; and in my opinion a new challenge is ahead for her. There is always something…. (HM but I know you are strong and it is so worth it. Especially the two of you fantastic together. Hang in there, we love you & and will be there)
Yesterday we were working on the cameras for the studio; we hopefully will get them figured out in time.
(I have the best people working for and with me. truly blessed….)
Only an hour was spent on the mural, working on the other rooms; they were a light puke green, laying down the base coats for 2 more murals!!
I also included different angles for you, Mike. I hope u can understand, what will be needed. On my way to work hope I will have a whole bunch more pictures for you!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A View from a Window

A little view from my window Sunday night ……. I love a beautiful storm from inside! The light and view from my office window is amazing! I can’t wait to start painting there.
Today I went to New Jersey, just got back, I had a great business meeting with a fantastic artist! I love his work; hopefully he will do my logos & signs, I will post them when there done. I hate doing lettering; it isn’t one of my strong points. I am doing a peter pan outline around my sign! I think it will be wild, who knows maybe corny?
I’ve been cruising the neighborhood looking at blogs of other artists, dam! I wish I didn’t ….I felt extremely scared; intimidated!! maybe this is too much to handle with all that is going on right now.
Starting a business in the art field during a depression, with four kids and MS!!! I guess I am crazy after all. The sad thing is this is all I can do! Oh well….Just posting a quick picture now, I have a ton of appointments today yet to go…… and won’t be able to post tonight. I plan on clasping around 4:00 pm during homework with the kids! Hopefully they won’t throw water on me! Just a blanket.
For all you other newbie wannabes….
I found out that the blogging community is so supportive and the environment is highly addictive!!
Thanks for the support; and ps!! PLEASE post your comments here not at the other site!!! I love you guys!! Caroline

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sorry for the Rambling Yesterday!

Wow I just read the post from yesterday, my apologies. I am new to this. I will try and edit my posts in the future, while not being a rambling mess; sorry guys!
Back to news about the studio; Today I managed to paint the large window & half of the trim, in the entrance room. I am still trying to decide what to do with it! I really would love to have a nice small desk and possibly a bench under the window? But the walls are old paneling, yuk!!! I have decided to just paint it for now.
Which as we creative types know is a cop out! I really wanted to do another treatment. I have a mural idea but I don’t believe I could do it by April 1st !
Maybe I could say April Fools there is no opening!!!
I promised to post for my aunt and two friends; one in florida another in California who also posts (non parent;. (hi guys!) I hate to say this but my day started at 6am and I am just sitting down now at 11pm! After coming home @ 7pm cooking, bathing the children, homework, cleaning up and finally bed time kisses……. my personal favorite time! I am exhausted! How the hell do you working mothers do this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
…. If there are any mom’s out there who do both and….. can lead me down the right road, maybe some hints…. please let me know. Didn’t I just say I wouldn’t vent, well only one person read this stuff anyway, maybe some one will show up and actually write to me?……….there we go again….. Its late.
The empty store below me is getting renovated; hopefully there will be a fabulous store there! Bringing loads of creative peeps!
I am going to post two pictures tonight, for my best girl Heather who’s birthday is Friday!!!! Can’t wait to go out with her and get a little tipsy!!!! I did her nephew’s portrait last week; have a little more to do and I drew her a dragon she picked out for Christmas. Hope you enjoy them and I will post the final portrait when it is finished! Hopefully I will see you tomorrow!
Keep creating!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Studio March 02, 2009

Finally the brick and I love it! What do you think so far???

These are the latest pictures of the studio; I am extremely excited about the progress, the last week and a half have been at home with the cloud of sickness above me & the children......Nothing at all got done. Keep me in your prayers for strength, too many obstacles have me going off the deep end!
Some new friends are more like back stabbers, and all promises from helpful people have been broken. I have to learn to keep my plans and ideas to myself. Yes I am wallowing is self pity!! Too much work just to try and work! I wish there was a manual on how to be a working mom and survive!!! It would make a mint!!
I hope you enjoy all the photos of hard work from Johnny & his friend Mike. They chipped away at the plaster and over 3 inches and 30 garbage bags of crap! I will post more real soon. ---- As you can tell, I had to move all the posts from another place to here and everything went in at once , hopefully you can understand!

Here are some photos of the mural I've chosen for my office, mind you it has been changed five times!!! As you can tell I have a lot of projects up in the air!!! I wanted something simple and graphic with a modern punch that can be seen from the street. But as I've been told it will probably be changed monthly. Hehehe…. Either way I will keep you posted on what I am doing,
Sincerely caroline

One of my current Jobs.

Hi everyone! It is snowing today, nothing prettier than watching the snow come down here in the mountains. Current job; which brings me to the mural I am currently working on: I hope you enjoy the photos:
The client was looking for a monochromatic landscape (so he can change up other colors in the room), with a modern edge of the pa mountains with some wildlife in it, the mural is about 12ft long by 8 ft tall; I decided to do a take on those posters from the late 70’s early 80’s.
Please leave comments and suggestions for me!! I would love to hear some feedback on my work! As always thank you for following and joining me on this journey! Sincerely Caroline

Along the way......

Here are some more photos of the demo:

I have meet a ton of wonderful people! My neighbors are the Wayne County Arts Alliance:

But my favorite guys are down stairs; the creative & talented Robert Nell; of the http://www.phillphonegallery.com/
He is so sweet, comforting and helpful; I couldn't have asked for better neighbors! This whole experiance is exciting and scary.

Before the Renovation!

Before pictures........ I hope you will all enjoy this with me!

Not that you can really tell too much how the space looks... There are three rooms. The front entrance room where i am standing is about 4ft wide by 10 ft long, then an office which is 12x12ft, and a long L shaped room which is about 25ft by 8ft! hopefully; it will look marvelous!! Of course I have the best crew in town! "Lakeland Mechanical" Johnny will be taken over the demo! We didn't take to many pictures before!!!
But i have tons of during.......

The begining......

Well here we go....

A mother’s story of trying to be an artist!
And praying for the support to make it!

This is where I will post all my daily updates and pictures of the studio. Hopefully this will be easier for my friends and family! I'm never sure who knows what...

Anyway: This is the front of the building on Main Street Honesdale PA! I have entered into a lease; and we have started to renovate the space. I am hopeful for a slick artist studio; ps.....Any suggestions and donations will be extremely appreciated!