Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Having a Blast!

The painting is titled Julia, again my mom’s work
This is my favorite! It is a colorized picture of my Grandmother! Enjoy!
Here I am back at the Gallery today, wonderful news, three new artists, have signed on!
Yeah time to cheer!! Busy! Busy! Busy! Oh how I love being here, doing my art, meeting tons of great people, the artists are amazing!
I’m sorry my computer work is lagging; this is our busy season up here.
About thirty people a day are in, which is great for the artists. Supper opportunity for me, but tiring for me!
He! He, rather be tired from this than cleaning house!!!
I really enjoy promoting artists, go figure! Who knows in a month I might get sick of it, but right now I am enjoying the journey!
PS. Started shooting my videos! We did a photo shoot yesterday with one of our international artists!
I can’t wait to share them with you!
Keep creating! Caroline

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Historic Farm House!

June 26, 2009

Mom's Painting:
The Panus Farm House Circa 1826, she used a photo resource & plein aire weather permitting. This was a Historic Building in the town of Preston, CT. She had painted this, (approximately); during the year of 1972.
And in the end, it's not the years in your life
that count. It's the life in your years.
Abraham Lincoln
This was the old building on my Aunt’s farm. My parents shipped us there every summer when I was little, (Free Labor! He he) Milking the cows at 5:30 am wasn’t my idea of fun! At that age (7-15); I absolutely hated it! During those times; us children worked! I look back now with fond memories, and a life time of lessons were learned there.
As you can see, my mother’s skills are hard for me to catch up to, how I miss her.
Keep creating! Enjoy each day! Caroline

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Mother

I’d like to announce a new artist to the blog, a sentimental one to me, my mother, Kuki Esposito, she passed away many years now, and this is my tribute to her. Each day I will post anther painting and cry in my coffee! Memories… This was a picture she painted of me when I was a kid, I still remember sitting there and complaining, while she painted. How unbelievably the tables change when you get older; you realize those annoying; pain in the neck moments…
Where the days that would shape your lives & who you were.
For me, I was with a very strong, talented, amazing woman, whom I hated at the time. Oh how I regret those days of rebellion!
I hope where ever she is..
She knows how sorry I am!

Youth is a disease from which we all recover. ~Dorothy Fulheim
Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Bad Day

The photos were from this morning, the local gang! The farm was on the way to work in a small town called Hamlin.

Today, a lady kindly informed me my title was misspelled! Thank you so much for telling me. After all these months!! You know I am definitely burning the candle at both ends. Upon reading your comment, I’ve realized maybe this journey needs to take a pit stop! A deep breathe…
The Studio news:
My first attempt at the photo shoot, on Saturday was a horrible blunder!! Both of my camera’s broke down, in the pouring rain! At least it happened now and not when I start filming!! It was such a shame that it rained terribly, and to top things off..
I happened to find out that there was a whole bunch of artists I missed at the Roots & Rhythm event this past weekend. I knew there were more, I missed a whole bunch of friends, I thought they went home, because of the rain. What a kicker!

The Saving Grace… One wonderful day with Dad!
The weekend ended wonderfully for me! Enjoying the day with my Pop!
Then back to business, and wouldn't you know it! the hot water heater went in the New Jersey house, with what little I had left, well … The rest of what I owned ruined!
I have gallantly tried to purse being an artist, but I wonder; does God have other plans for me? As most of you know, I have MS, and with the four children, the gallery, and the home front with my husband, a woman can only juggle so much.
I will continue believing & having faith that God will provide and everything will work out.
I would love it if you would keep me in your prayers.

PS with the blog... I am behind on most of my posts and my cacti, I will scan them in later this week, thank you all for your kind comments!
Have a great night and keep creating. Sincerely Caroline

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Artist

I didn’t mention the information yesterday, about the artist with all the announcements. He wouldn’t have received all the credit he deserves!
Title: Woman at Potato Picking (displayed @ the Philip Hone Gallery)
The artist is Olaf Sigurdsson; what a artist! He was born in Iceland. Olaf migrated to the USA. Now, he resides and works in Forrest City, PA.
What a vibrant personality, appearing above & beyond the Imagery of the Viking Era. His favorite subjects to paint are the landscapes of Iceland.

Olaf has won numerous awards, and appeared in many group and public showings. He is an enormous support within our community . As some of you might recognize his painting above, Jerry Garcia made the cover of Connections Magazine! Besides showing his work at the Antoine Dutot Museum We are so happy to have him in our family of artists!
My hopes are that he will definitely commit to my pilot show! Have a great weekend!Keep inspiring others to create!
if interested in any of the work mentioned contact the Philip Hone Gallery 570-253-5577

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Direction for Me?

Another Direction for Me?

It’s been such a struggle to try and work at both the gallery and my studio. The last two weeks I’ve been at the gallery and not one day at my studio. The gallery is amazing!
I truly love meeting all the people, the artists are fantastic! I have delayed the Neverland opening until September. We have gone thru some changes, some for the better, and some for the worse. I will spare you all the nitty gritty details, but my good friend and mentor Bob, will only be there on weekends, and I will be there during the week.

I am happy to make the official announcement here! The opportunity of a lifetime, I have been appointed the position of curator!!!! Alright, for now curator in training… but I am extremely excited and scared. I will be working closely with Bob Neil training and getting to know all the artists!
And at the same time: I am also going to make another announcement:

We are looking for Honesdale/Scranton Pennsylvania Artists!!

The Philip Hone Gallery is now excepting new artists for display as of June 20, 2009.
We currently reside in a charming renovated 1800’s building located in the center of Historic Honesdale. This is a perfect backdrop and venue for our local artists to display their work and be seen. The Gallery supports our local talent, either emerging or established artists are welcome.

We maintain monthly shows, features, and promote our artists through ad space, reviews in the local papers, and our vast mailing list. Our new management has added the internet promotion & digital marketing for our artists. There is an assortment of opportunities available here for our artists. We are a venue to get exposure and recognition, including the internet to a broad and worldwide audience.

Exhibit Consideration:
Original art in a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, including painting, drawing, multi-media, collage, photography, printmaking, sculpture, pottery, and some installations. Artists are invited to submit their original artwork for exhibit consideration. The hours of operation are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10am – 2pm, Friday 10am -6pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm and Sundays are by appointment, event, or private showing.

If you believe your work is appropriate for the Gallery; please call 570-253-5577 for an appointment. Artists will be informed if they are selected to exhibit; at which time an artist agreement will be sent for review and consideration.

Following review; submission materials will be returned, artists will be notified directly by the Gallery.

Digital Submissions:
Digital Criteria for submittal:
Digital Images: 300dpi jpegs (no wider or taller than 600 pixels) with size, media & description. (Mark CD’s with Label including Artist’s name & contact information)
Current contact information; artist biography, current exhibitions and representation.
Web Site and email address, if applicable.

Emailed directly to: Caroline Denaro at neverlandartstudio@yahoo.com

I hope to see some of my friends signing up!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is the first of many press releases that I currently working on, so you get the first look at them. Please remember it has been twenty years… at least! hehehe since I was in school, I am a little rusty!

Drumline in Honesdale
The arts have officially arrived to Honesdale with the multitude of events happening at the Philip Hone Gallery. First they played host to our own local “Drumline”. Similar to the famous movie “Drumline,” the Show took you to a world most of us never venture. Like many true music lovers I attended the show, only to be pleasantly surprised. I found a treasure of amazing music, people & fine art, at this simply charming gallery. Unlike reruns on TV, being there and experiencing the pounding rhythm vibrating through your entire body was an experience I won’t soon forget.
Thomas Dohemy and Nathaniel Whitmore performed a variety of beats with masters’ precision. The drum cadence opened with two performers with large handmade ceremonial drums. Then each audience member joined in one at a time. The fortunate few who are musically talented carried us lesser musicians along. A true small symphony of drums was created. An energetic, enthusiastic leader explained each instrument to the audience. They came fully supplied with a vast variety of unique and unusual musical instruments! Thomas Dohemy a local artesian himself, hand made the drums with exotic materials. A large Gong, snare drums, bells, and a vast array of instruments were available to play.
I’ve been told that it is truly healing to find freedom with the creative expression of the drumline. Traditionally, authentic, ritual drum rhythms are designed to put the listener into a deep spiritual trance. What I do know; that it was a diverse collection of people with positive energy in a healthy, uplifting atmosphere. I had a fantastic time it was a magical event.
The Philip Hone Gallery is a must see for any art enthusiast. A renovated 1800’s building is a wonderful addition to our artistic town. In the midst of the summer weather and the arrival of new people to our area, the Philip Hone Gallery eager to bring the latest and best, emerging talent here to Honesdale.
Our own vibrant Robert Neil reins in as the champion of finding this season’s plethora of talent. Here they’ve managed to keep the quintessential, down home aura with the big city brilliance to boot. Ambience galore, the raw contrast between the antique, silver tins, (the charm of yesteryear) melded against the young vigor of tomorrow’s talent, the gallery is fabulous!! Look for their events at their website http://www.philiphonegallery.com/ or visit them at 754 Main Street ,Honesdale.

Help! Problems! not getting a response back; from Google Help

Help! My blog keeps getting error codes; invalid url!! which is my homepage address right?? I can't get mine to post from my other computer, with this code error thing!~ they (yahoo/homepage) ask for the url, and when I put my homepage syntx, i get an error code? Can anyone help me? Or a link to the idot center! Truth is... I really don't have the time to sit there and read 100 unneccessary postings to figure out my problem, a simple how to area, would be great!

Now that I am back at the gallery; for a few hours, I will try my catching up with everyone, I missed you all.
love caroline

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oops. forgot my sketch

Forgot my sketch! my little guy
My new obsession: cows!

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." --Robert Frost.

Last night was tough, but this morning I have emerged grateful. Spring is here, my husband is finally working, and I have been blessed with a wonderful position at the gallery. Just drawing for a moment with my tea, forgetting; all the bills, to do’s, and have to’s.
How I’ve forgotten how to just sit and be, enjoy the morning…
The blossoms all around, the wind blowing thru the mountains down across the lake, and the aroma of flowers, that I can’t remember their name… The hawk circling above me, or waiting for me! How wonderful to wake up before the rest of the world and just be.

Memories of how I’d love to sit under the trees and draw sketch, write and observe. How little I’ve done that in these past four months! I recently saw these and I can’t get them off my mind! All I can say is WoW!! this is a wonderful body of work. Check it out! The joy of journaling! Just click on the book and then keep clicking!! After I saw, this woman’s sketch book, I am so inspired!!
Let me know if your impressed too?

Back to the rat race today….

Monday, June 1, 2009

My first Cactus Monday

Not the best I've ever done, a quick sketch, thinking about adding color! Maybe tonight when the kids go down!

What's new:
When I started this blog; to document my journey, it was also about my illness, which has returned this morning. Unfortunately, I awoke with my legs swollen and all my energy has drained out, a strong reminder, I am still sick.
This weekend was long and fun. The first time I attended the Art, Craft and Antique weekend in Honesdale. I guess I did a little too much. Once again, I will return to juicing, deep breathing, and the regimen that helped me get thru this the first time.
This illness has a way of reminding me what really matters, the true meaning of life.
I have been reminded of how wonderful and beautiful my children are; that I’ve been so busy!!! and when that happens...
the lessons that I’ve learned disappear from my mind! Till tomorrow! Keep creating! love you all.