Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Plein Air trip?

This was my sad watercolor....
practice practice practice!
This week’s trip to the gallery has inspired me and I can’t get doing pastels off my mind! I have been inspired to take the children to the lake for a Plein Air session! Hopefully they will be just as excited as I am! It will have to be the third week in May.
I believe that Beaver Lake in WLE would be the best site for it. As you can see in the other post , the lake is small, calm and beautiful. It's a wonderful clean beach, with picnic benches and swings. Right now, there aren’t any vacationers to get in the way…. I was thinking I should get some photos taken of the site, just incase the weather acts up! The kids will have some reference materials. I am going to come up with a little how to lesson for them, just haven’t decided which medium to use. Since seeing Rodrica’s amazing pastels; I am super tempted to buying a set and giving it a shot! If anyone else is interested in coming with us give me a call! You know I have extra supplies and always love the company!! Tomorrow is my first day at the gallery! Wish me luck! Love Caroline

again her link

Monday, April 27, 2009

This was my second watercolor; I have been practicing and hopefully will be back painting this week!! I went shopping for supplies today.....
On the road today! What a beautiful day; I went into Scranton and did an adventure walk about. Well at least in my own imagination.
I stumbled upon the Marquis Gallery & Frame shop.
I was pricing some mat’s and frames for my studio opening, when I met a really helpful woman named Stacey Baress, omg I mean so so helpful, so sweet and kind she didn’t mind my stupid questions, she even directed me to where I could get some great deals on art supplies!
I also saw the work of Rodrica Tilley, such beautiful work!
Her landscapes are to die for, the pictures don’t do justice! The ones I saw just took you away to another time period. Her style is impressionistic and done; plein air with pastels.
Basically, this means that her work is loose, my daughter says “like music, vibrating,” and she works out side!
Similar to Monet, this is the style of work I dream of doing. As soon as I get this place done, I am definitely going to ask for a lesson! Here are the links:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Posting update at the Studio

I know I said “I will post twice a week” but I didn’t know I was going to start working at the gallery!! So wonderful and exciting!!! (Thursdays and Fridays) trained Sat and today I just worked my butt off at home, just so I could work at the studio tomorrow! Once I am done with my training I will go back to regular postings.
This coming week the Honesdale High School is going to be doing a show, reflecting on the Great Artist’s of the students choice. I think I will photograph most of the work, and give you a peek! I am exhausted and over worked, but... I am having the time of my life. I hope to make you all proud. Miss & love you all! Write me soon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photo Update

I haven't posted any new photos... (the cord disappeared)
This is Beaver beach Lake, today's sketch (not finished), and the repaired tin ceiling... being painted!

Tuesday; CNN news Autis

CNN Clip: Teacher helps Autistic!

Watched this segment on CNN, and exciting news for Geno!
They found a way that the children with Autism can learn.
Through the video taping of themselves writing letters and words, they played them back for the children; and it is working!!! Hope that Geno will start reading & writing soon. They didn’t leave a link for the purchase of these tapes, hopefully they’ll be on the market soon! The link:

Till the latest pictures are transferred; I am highlighting a friend:
Little Debbie: She is a wonderful woman, whom I admire. She helped me thru some tough times. I loved this picture she took of a Pennsylvania waterfall:

This wonder water fall; a common scheme to photo up here! But she does it with style!
Kudos Debbie!!

She is a member of the Pocono Photo Club:

The Studio
All I can say is we’ve started the “the restoration” of the ceiling tins they look awesome!!
Everything is busy, busy, busy! I am loving life! But tired! The “for hire” ads have been posted, and finance has been approved and on the way…..

Off to work! Have an awesome day! Love Caroline

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The photo of the day: courtesy of Ashton Kutcher: Zipper

Quote: I really relate too:
Oscar Levant:
There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.

Ashton Kutcher saga!

Obviously the big discussion on the web has been the whole CNN vs Ashton Kutcher race.
What is your opinion?
I agree that one day tv & the internet should/would merge!! Did You ever see such madness? "Rock on!" Twitter!! The youtube response?..... to the ding dong ditch from Ashton Kutcher! Even a fake Ted Turner? This is all wacky!! I love this…I was laughing so hard….
Thanks for sending the photos!~ U rock Ashton K! Can’t believe you bother with us….. the little peeps!! Does anyone really believe this is him? Or just a hoax?
Links to his Ustream….
Ashton K….winning link to live feed on links…..

The Studio News:
I have so many wonderfully exciting updates for you. I just need to wait till Monday, for all the dots and crossings of the (t's) to be done AND THEN: The studio agenda WILL BE DONE!!! This is so mind blowing! I can't wait to tell everyone....I am so sorry about the secrecy. Keep praying for me! Till tomorrow..... Miss you all, Love Caroline
I have been working really hard to catch up to all your letters, be patient!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday~Back on track

The Portrait is Old, but I am re committing to practicing everyday; This is where I want to be again, You seen the latest postings, not as good!!! I want to be this good again!
Will start posting some of my daily sketching; the Evolution of Caroline!! Too Deep? LOL!!
Throw out some suggestions or link me up to some great art sites, tired of wasting hours looking for them...... With such a great support web here, I would appreciate all help in my crusade!!
Thank you

I hope everyone had a fantastic time through the holiday! well as far as i could remember.... I did! After hip hop hip hopping around for 2 two days straight, I collapsed and stayed on the couch for the whole day!! Yea......ha! Well i did move once, to make Mac & Cheese for dinner!!!!
You Mom's understand; once your going so fast & crazy to get everything done for company and the children, Once it is over and done, the body & mind fully shuts down, BAM your done!
But, I thank God he always gets me through! Speaking of the Lord; Someone left this little book the Prayer of Jabez at my home, even though I read it before, it was a wonderful read.... A little inspiration from such a small prayer!! I would love to share it with you!
The Jabez Prayer
And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying,
"Oh, that you would bless me indeed,
and enlarge my territory,
that Your hand would be with me,
and that You would keep me from evil,
that I may not cause Pain!"
So God granted him what he requested.
1 Chronicles 4:10

PS, My blogger friends; How do we post without stepping on others "religious beliefs"; and staying true to your own? A little warning above the paragraph?

Studio News:
More delays, as most know it's crunch time for taxes, so as usual, I am behind the gun, trying to make deadlines, I will not be able to make it into the studio again! I do all the bookkeeping for my husband's construction business, so I will be put on the back burner again!
Health News:
My body is regressing again, swelling to another 20lbs of fluids retained, swollen knees and extreme pain! Yes, I over did it! What Mom doesn't during the Holidays? I am asking God/the universe "what lesson am I to learn from this health crisis again, since I keep returning to this!"
I am not complaining, but I believe it is needed especially now, time to sit down and reflect! Re embrace my healing; get back on track, with the juicing, affirmations, and stretching!

I hope to have GREAT News Soon! Keep praying for me, My love to all my friends and family!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Week....

Sorry, I haven't posted..... One thing has led to another and I am having some trying times, so there have been more delays..........

Studio News: Some more lighting has gotten done, the drop ceiling over the kitchen area was removed and some more track lighting was put up.....not much of anything else was done.

So instead of totally freaking out, I have decided to let it go, and kick back relax enjoy the holiday!

I am wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!! Go spend time with family & friends, don't get too buzzed!! Someone needs to be sober!!!! I plan on plenty of jello shots!! After this past week I need them!! Neverland will be closed until Monday!!

God bless and enjoy! Caroline

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Local Artist

While I am working on my paperwork ….Total boredom! I have decided to highlight a local artist. One of my first encounters with the Arts Alliance was meeting with Hanna Gorman; a wonderful quiet woman with an accent to charm! She was born in the Czech Republic and made her way to our exciting town. She teaches across the hall from me. Her students range from the novice to the expert; even a child’s’ class. Amazing patience… She is a wonderful Multi media artist & puppet maker; She’s traveled all over the world!
I particularly love these pieces…..
I hope you will enjoy this piece I have chosen….. It’s one of my favorites.
She displays her work at the Phillp Hone Gallery..... Enjoy

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rainy day from my window!

I frequently do photos of around town! I am considering doing an About Town piece weekly here? Would like your feedback!
I thought a little more information about this charming town was in order! Well, to go along with my pictorial post!! hehe
Like I have stated before…. “Wonderful Sunday Post” many of the buildings here date from the 1800’s and mine is one of them! Originally it was the WAYNE INDEPENDENT news building!! This phot shot from my second floor window. Even a bakery occupied the ground floor. They are now renovating the place for a Designer Name store……Shall I mention Gucci!!! Can’t wait!! For all of us that love designer brands….. remember the name Emily!! Suck up now! hehe
This charming town is approximately 8 blocks long with tons of retail shops, antique stores, restaurants…blah…blah…blah… for the fun stuff:
The weekends bussels with people and sidewalk sales even artists’ work! Smells of baked goods fill the air! Its like a large market place up and down the blocks. Reminding me of my days in the village!!
BTW; Two new art galleries are opening. I haven’t been to either yet! My favorite gallery in which I can’t get enough of is the Phillip Hone Gallery! Everyday there are new artists, either coming and going! Adding their works or stopping in for a visit! They have a wide variety of art & personalities!! Just a sampling from the gallery are realistic works of local wild life, dramatic photography, primitive paintings of local fare, inspiring landscapes, and sculptured works of colorful pottery & statues!!. I love the fact they are different than most snooty galleries! They are warm, friendly and dying to help you find what your looking for….Even to just gab about the work!!
I am hoping to get their permission to post some work here on my site! I am sure the speed at which I work can’t keep up with the daily LUST for more Artwork!!
For now I can link you to them:
Here is the Link for all of you “fans of architecture” wishing to trek along the streets! The Historic Society has a wonderful walking tour guide for all those interested in finding these wonderful architectural gems!
Until my future tidbits enjoy the site!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Portrait Update


I worked another 2 hours on it today; hope you like it so far; I am pondering what I will do with his eyes; they are so dark in the photograph; I can’t see them; so I believe I might use creative licensing!!! It would be nice if someone gave me some thoughts as to how I should display/show the portrait and my work here on the blog!

A rainy day at the Studio.

April fools and I made it thru without any major problems:

For you Mike;
I have posted some pictures of the computer wire coming out of the walls; there are over 24 different lines; I believe every corner is covered. Scroll down and you will see all the updates….. Yes! I know over 24 different entries; but I know…. you will give me an honest opinion!!
Studio update:
I am posting two new pictures; First one is the sink which looks fantastic! Yes; I know to the average Joe this looks like nothing, but please….. give me a little time; I am going to give this the David Bromstad look; faux paint with more extras to come! Either way….. I am ecstatic about having the plumbing in and the sink &frame up;; next up the faucet! When you consider this building was built in the 1800’s; the plumbing wasn’t so easy with two stores below us!!