Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Friends...

Pictures: My dear famous friend Philip Jostrom! We just added his work to our website:

Excitement in the Air! So many great artists are here and new events are in the works! A personal invite to all for Friday's "Afternoon of the Arts"
Classical Music, Poetry, Art and the Ambience along with great friends and family!
Kicking off the new monthly event: Steven Faubel leads this Classical & Jazz Piano Trio and the Wayne County Literature Group begins this pivotal event where the arts come together for a night of culture in Honesdale.
Come Lift your Soul with Us!
Warm Apple Cider & Coffee Served
Maybe a little wine too!

I am truly having the best time but it’s getting so busy! Dividing my time between the artists and clients has left me with no time at all for doing anything for myself. So, I am truly looking forward to meeting all the new applicants and interns.
We had a great week at the gallery; a certain famous tennis star stopped at the gallery!It took me a minute to recognize just who it was…
Nameless is Required; for I would love to have her back!
It was so assuring that she loved the gallery and what we are doing!
She even purchased a few items! So to all my artists, a great big THANK YOU!
For making me look so good!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sally Mann:
Photography and art?
This week I was approached by an unsavory fellow who argued with me the cost of a photograph when actually he said “it is the same as a poster...”
Yeah right… Modern point and shoot person!
Why do some photographers demand more money?
Then again…
The old question is even Photography Art?
I believe this question has been argued to death!
My opinion: I believe 100% photography is fine art.
Matter of fact! Worth every penny! Which brings us back to another classic argument of what is fine art? Let’s not go there….
What makes you happy? Is what you buy!
The average joe knows not the intricacies of the evolution of modern photography
Educated eyes are not my everyday customer…
Maybe I could slap them in the head; and start to explain what being an artist means...
But then again; why bother?
But why beat a dead dog?
the mind the reasoning, being an artist, and what art truly is, will be argued forever.
My point is we are all artists in our own way….
Here is the link to a wonderful photographer part of the ART21 series I love…
Go to the fourth artist! Sally Mann
(The fourth in bottom…click on it)
Enjoy this amazing photographer.
Aka notice the Everclear on the table!! Sure it’s the process…
Call the state!!! You none artists….. the nude children!!!!
It totally reminds me of how I use my children in my work…
and how they(my children) perceive the madness of me…
Madness=being an artist 
Enjoy the link…
Sorry I’ve been away…
I miss you all, hope to catch up with you!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A great team!

Photos: Some of the new Artists... & Donnie & I on Halloween!

Talk about a hard week at the gallery!
But truly amazing was the gallery! In awe of how wonderful it really looks!
I am proud of my friends, family and artists; how they all contributed to the Gallery, Show, Event!
I am one blessed lady!
I couldn’t manage doing all this with out them…
Thank you!
Even thou I love doing the gallery, sometimes you just need a day off!
But doing laundry and cleaning just isn’t it either!
Some time to just
Stop, breathe, and especially pray!
But when?
At our home front:
Two out of our four children are sick, I am so tired!
But wow, so much is on the forefront!
Tomorrow Night: the Drawing Circle 5-8pm at the PHG…
Check out our Friday Night Event:
We are sneak previewing the
Madame Helene’s NYC Vintage at the Gallery!
Tons of goodies! If you are a fan like myself of unusual and unique
Jewelry and Clothing this is it!

Looking back at our show…
I will be posting all the photos on the website… Hopefully this week!
What a fabulous success this week was with the Artscene in Honesdale, from my Connection’s show to the Peter English Show, wow!!
Peter is the “Curator & Owner of Grand Style
Framing & Gallery on 6th Street (Honesdale of course).
He has a superb eye for talent, ASK Visuals
Andrea S. Killam
A big kudos going out to Peter… Last night’s show couldn’t have shined any brighter!
The art was young, new and refreshing!
The wine & food were exceptional, haven’t seen such perfection since my days in the city…
Break out talent is in the town!
I can’t wait for your show on Friday Night after our Sneak Peek~
another photographer at the GrandStyle!
one I tried to get… but she is with Peter!
We have Madame Helene and fabulous vintage!
giveaways & wine my favorite two words!

Not to mention…
The bargains galore to be found! I have some real unbelievable deals at the gallery!
With the economy down, prices on art even lower than ever, personally scoring two fabulous pieces myself this week!
(Don’t tell my hubby)
I will be attempting to get back in the swing of life again, once the kids are well…
Keep Creating and Inspiring!
I miss you all!