Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vincent Van Gogh 1853-1890
Sunflowers 1887
I started this neat “Painting a day link….from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
I hope to keep up with it, there is always room for improvement!
"Gold is gold, no matter how muddied it becomes. The truth always wins out in the end. "
Daisaku Ikeda
At the Gallery…
The day was great, my little Angelina(7) came with me, we spent the morning coloring! It is really wonderful spending a day at work with your daughter. I never had a job where my kids were welcome. I finally started sketching, I did a nude woman this morning…A nice change from the craziness!
I am going to look for intern’s come September, just a little notice before the launch, incase someone out there wants to give it a shot.
Today I met two of the watercolor artists for the Connection Magazine’s show on Thursday the 6th , (5-8pm) the event will rock! I am so excited and wish I could download some photos of the works, but sadly…. I’ll have to wait till the 7th to show you all.
I do want to say that these women; Catherine Phillips and Barbara Briden couldn’t have been any nicer. It is so refreshing to meet talented artists with charming personalities including modesty! I truly understand the need for tooting your own horn, but sometimes I wonder if people are talking to me, or just enjoy hearing about themselves?
They both are self taught; and have done “en plein aire”!! as you all know my favorite.
Barbara is well traveled; which is evident in her new pieces, two stolen moments of time; the shear skill of doing groups of people in watercolor with no mistakes!!! AH! She rocks it out of the park. Again, I am so happy to have these woman at the show, and truly enjoying promoting & supporting other woman who have learned it the hard way!! DOING IT themselves!!
I can’t say enough about meeting other artists and doing this for a living… I have my dream job, I just hope God will be with me. Another month to go… and we will find out!
To all my artist friends…. Keep Creating and living the life…One stroke at a time!
Sincerely Caroline

Hi Georgia

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photos of the Gallery

These are some shots of the Gallery; I hope you can get a feel for the place. I have three display cases (glass) which need to be filled with ART!!! I am 86ing(getting rid of) the small toy antiques and crap. I hope to find the right people and fill them with phenomenal work!
Today was an adventure of sorts, I had 3 interviews and one audition.
I am really enjoying the journey, today! I was treated to a great musician, and some amazing watercolor paintings…
I have a new favorite artist her name is Barbara Briden, well traveled, intelligent, and above all kind. Her work will be in the August issue of Connections Magazine, and in our show August 6th 5pm-8pm. I would love to see some familiar faces (YOU) for my first show! Sincerely Caroline

Monday, July 27, 2009

Crazy and Desperate Artist

It’s been a supper busy week, thank God! If I didn‘t stay busy, I think doubt would set in? I keep trying to figure out how I can do everything! As you all can guess by now, I am tired!
Real tired!! and things are about to get crazier...
The kids are still rebelling, and the money, what money!!
Speaking of money….
I am announcing another first for me; “to my great support system, my blogger friends”
I am so honored to have been chosen by all the partners, especially by Bob and Jim, the two guys who renovated the gallery and started this great venture. Not only will I be running it; I will own it!!

They wanted to move on...
and I said Yes, come September it will be really mine!!!!
And then…
After I said yes and told everyone this week, when all the noise stopped, and I had a moment to think,
All I could think was; how crazy I am!
I love supporting the artists and being there, but will they all leave now?
Will I fall on my face?
I believe this is where I should be, but what the hell am I doing?
That wonderful little devil called doubt!

I truly believe this is a gift from GOD.
How else could this happen?
I have to believe there is a plan!
So… I hope I can make the gallery all it can be.
As we all know there are two other great galleries that just opened, both with tons of experience! About a month ago, I lost some artists to them, but God opened another door and sent me some real great talent.
My plan is to be myself and put my studio in the back of the Gallery. I will paint there, while I am there daily, and hopefully more often…
I am going to keep it open as long as possible. (Greater chance for the artists to get seen)
Regarding my studio.
I am sad that I have to let it go…I don’t believe I can carry both! Or maybe God will send another miracle?
I sent a letter to the Alliance, my attempt to save it! Looking for artists who might want it? I put so much hard work into it. It would be wonderful if someone could appreciate it like me.
I would sub-lease it for $400.00. That is because I would want to keep the office.
Three rooms with plenty of light, great location…
Artist and Business (aren’t they opposites)
and a parent too!!!
the Desperate Crazy Artist!
Sounds like a great new name…

All advise no matter how crazy will be needed!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The pretty Monarch… this amazing butterfly has such a special meaning for my husband and I.
When we first started dating, we went on a long, day trip on his 1969 panhead harley motorcycle, we traveled up this highway, called the Kangamangus in New Hampshire. Just when I was thinking about bringing him home to meet my family…. and having the time of my life, the weather was so perfect! He pulled over when to get a better view of this waterfall, and then it happened! I had just witnessed a million butterflies as they hatched!
There were so many all over and surrounding me, I was scared! My arms & head were covered with them. That is when I decided, “that it was a sign from God, that he was the right man, we were married 2 months later… .”
Maybe its a little silly, but my first husband had passed 5 yrs prior to meeting John, and I was afraid that I wasn’t ready. It was supper funny that I shot this two days before my anniversary this week, 10 yrs!
Little reminders from GOD.

The Gallery & Studio
The first day of our street fair and…
I sold two paintings! A great day!
The artist is a college student, I am super happy for her.
I am still looking for artisans, pottery, jewelry, and of course
anything out of the box!
And soccer girl I am truly sorry . Good luck with your blog.
Sincerely Caroline

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Lecture

What fun! Such a great couple, so sweet…even in those costumes, in the hot summer!!
If anyone in Honesdale remembers; get me their card! Or have them contact us, I would love to have them back, especially during the Historic Homes Tour!

I hope everyone is doing great, I’ve been having the time of my life. Going to try a few new things….I am so grateful for all the support!

This week I am in the middle of writing an article for the new artists… In which I will be doing my first speaking engagement! SCARED!!

Hope you won’t mind, I am going to post them here first; each night I hope to work an hour on this! With high hopes for feedback, especially with the topics I forgot!
Hopefully I won’t make too much of a fool out of myself… Just passing what I have learned along.

The final version will be on the gallery’s new website, available to the new artists, and our finely aged ones too!!!
Those not so familiar with all the changes the internet has launched;
I will be offering free photography and help with creating there sites!
I am starting with the basic beginnings…Something like “From Dreaming to doing”…

You must first Prepare Yourself;
Learn a few basics about the internet and computers!
Many of the local schools have night programs!
(Get phone number to the schools)
There are many of free how to programs out there!
Libraries and the local small business centers offer start-up courses!
They also have great literature too!
You can check online!! at the library for FREE!
(No excuses about not having internet!!)
Search for free information or programs in the areas you need help with!
In the search bar type:
Free Marketing!! I received 61,800,000! Responses on Goggle!
(Add your zip code! Gives you everything in our community!!)
` Artists are Entrepreneurs!!! You must treat yourself as a business.
Marketing yourself should become second nature, loose the fear and let go!

I understand everyone has time restraints but getting from dreaming to doing; is going take an extra effort, which won’t happen with big leaps, but mainly, small steady steps!!! Get yourself a game plan and start! And start anywhere, just do it! “thank you NIKE!!! he he”
Once you make that first step, the momentum builds and each step becomes easier. Have faith.
Remember how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

For those of you familiar with the computer…
Check online for free information or programs that can help you, a lot of the forums and communities have how to’s.
(attach links for resources page)
Great Websites to start with are and!! These are great sites for beginners!! You don’t need any fancy software programs or have to spend tons of money on fees, these websites walk you through the steps in creating your image and shops!!

Just spend a little time searching for the people who are similar, become friends! If you’re a painter find other painters, not someone who is sowing bags!! Be sincere!! this is a community, made up of real people! They can smell a fake person a mile away! We understand that everyone starts somewhere, and the online artist community is one of the most friendliest and helpful around! Just be real! And please don’t STEAL other people’s work!
First take the time to look and find what you like. Decide what image you want to portray to the world? Pretend you’re the customer, what do you like about others websites, what don’t you like, what really catches your eye? This is the starting point!

#1. Get business cards! Online there are great offers; offers free business cards, and with a price like that; FREE!; you can give them away like crazy!
Type in Artist in the search area, follow the instructions…
I believe they have over 25 designs. 400 professional ones, all different types!
Make sure you have all your vital information on the card. Address, phone number, website, email address!

Give them to family & friends – even if you’re shy about promoting yourself, others might not be, mom is likely to brag too much!

When your out and about, craft shows, galleries, grocery shopping, business meetings, hand them out!!! When someone asks for your phone number, voila hand them your business card!
Oh you’re an Artist? Lead way into a sales moment...
Oh yes I am: here are a few of my paintings…

#2. Always carry photos of your work with you!
Get a small photo album, the dollar store has many types to choose from! Take a ton of pictures, and pick the best ones!
And place inside a small envelope with more of your cards!!

Remember the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur?
A hundred photos!!

Enough for one night!!! I have laundry to do!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July! Feed back Please!!!

Looking forward to posting our new events at the Gallery; but before I do, I would love to know if anyone is from our area?
What programs and events artists want available to them, even if your not from our area, would you give me some feedback? How can I serve the artist community and our clients better? The none professional, the professional and finally the novice?

What services do you wish were free, what would you pay for?


As to let everyone know, that Neverland Art Studio, is going to be revamped with the purpose of business, two different business opened up with similar ideas to what I would have been doing. I’ve seen some poor attempts at doing my idea. I hope I can return to my personal work asap! So sorry for my delays, but I am hopeful this will all be worth it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Artists in, Artists out

The top picture is a 4ft x 4ft dramatic butterfly!
by Debbie Gioello.
Yesterday was her final day at the Philip Hone Gallery. The news came suddenly, her health is declining, and a little slowing down is the treatment!! She is known for her etchings and her long art career with her own gallery!
A special thank you, for a great run at the gallery! Hope to have you back when you’re up to it

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Thomas Merton

The next photo was sent from Charles Woods, from our Photo shoot at Peter English's Studio... for his next show, it's me sweating with my two little ones, my eldest daughter was the model.

That is the third photo, my daughter Ashley; artisticly reinvented by Charles Woods.
Well, I am happy to actually make a post, for days, my home computer kept dieing right when I uploaded!!
I am way too busy to do any posting at work; the beginning of the month is super crazy, total work overload!
I was gently reminded today that doing what I love, left no room for complaining! How I wish I could have remembered that before, I spent half the day chewing a few friends’ ears off!!! and the rest of the night regretting it. Could someone help me take my foot out of my mouth!
Thank you Terri for your kind words! Just what I needed at the right time! You Rock!
Keep creating!