Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thank You for your support!

Images are by Donie Schmidt; friend and one talented lady!

I'm sure I might have posted these before, but I am so proud of her!
and I miss you terribly!

First I want to say a big! “I MISS YOU” to all my blogging buddies!
I finally had the home computer-internet fixed today!
So get ready to catch up!
New Artists and new work, and my favorite
New Jewelry to drool over.
With the past month behind me…
I decided to delay the fundraiser.
Awh! Before you get angry...
Wait, it’s just so that I could promote the event properly,
With the right marketing plan, bringing in the right people.
Rushing this event wouldn’t be right!
It means too much and deserves doing it right!
The gallery life is busier than ever, with so much to finally tell you!
Thank you for all your warm comments and support!
I am so grateful to have the best blogger friends!
THANK YOU for being there!

This week's critique in the Weekender Magazine;
Chip Forelli!
As you all know my favorite photographer!
Keep creating!


  1. ~welcome back Caroline~ Glad you got your computer up to par~

  2. So good to see you again, Caroline! You've been in my thoughts. I'm glad to hear you're still doing the fundraiser. And I'm looking forward to catching up more with you.

    Fantastic paintings by Donie. Wow!