Friday, January 21, 2011

Scholastic Show Pictures

I understand these photos are “kinda-hard” to see…
However, early in the night before the crowd came in, my intern Elizabeth took these photos of my friends. As we all know my camera is dead, in need of some service!
I thank you all who came out and supporter our students!
I believe this group was the most talented ever!
Just glimpse at the works!
As always keep creating it does the soul good!

Check out my article on the show in the Wayne Independent News!

Local Potter Extraordinaire

Ellen Silberlicht is a local artist and teacher whose work just inspires!
I just wanted to share some of her amazing work with you!
(all photos are from her blog, click her name to get there)
She is fairly new to the blogger world, with all of her time dedicated to the local students here in town. I don't know how she manages to do so much!
She is leading force behind our successful "Scholastic Arts Show," which btw was a huge success!
She is one of my inspirations!
I hope she becomes one of your favorites too!
and Oh...You should see her jewelry collection!
a big wow! hey a girl can dream!

Keep Creating!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world. ~Leo Buscaglia

Is it me or does everyone remember the friends of our youth as being our "whole world?"
They stood behind you through everything!
They were always there!
I will tell you one thing; I still haven’t met that type of friend here in Pennsylvania, yet! I have friends but not those sister types,
I guess it’s my “Jersey” ways, or just me?
Some memories are triggering some sadness this morning…
Just sitting back with a cup of tea, doing the whole facebook deal and I was missing some of my “old” friends…
Oh well, for those of you not here in the North East,
We are snowed in, and of course I live on top of the Mountain…
A little more snow than most! I love it!

For those of you who are Animal Lovers…
Saturday, January 16th in Narrowsburg NY
There is the “EAGLEFEST”
An Entertainment Event for the Conservation of our EAGLES!
I am attending; I’ m going to help out one of the artists on exhibit.
Live bird demonstrations, guest lectures, films, photography, poster auction, 5th annual nature and wildlife art show.
The pictures I've posted belong to John DiGiorgio.(obviously)
They are "WoW" photos, I have them in the gallery.
They are amazing to say the least. The photograph portrait of an Eagle, is almost four feet square, and perfect. Crisp, clear no pixilation whatsoever! His work is phenomenal, if ever in town, you should see them.

btw: I am working again on my own work! I can't wait to start posting them!
Now, I have an incentive to finally get my camera fixed!
Wishing you all a fabulous SNOWDAY!
Keep Creating!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Wow, what a wonderful holiday it has been here in Honesdale, at the PHG!
From the rolling train rides with Santa, hearing the conductor shout “all aboard” to the bustling street fairs, filled with the magical aroma of roasted chestnuts on the outdoor grill... (of the Trackside)
This is that Norman Rockwellish town I’ve dreamed about.
How blessed I have become to have been welcomed into this charming community!
We are still bringing Art of all types to life!
However, to my great disappointment my postings have been few.
Hopes of reviving my daily writing, a new commitment with the New Year!

First, I wanted to share with you the previous month at the gallery.
Our book signing was a wonderful success; the beautiful author Brownyn Mc Enkegry was so charming and delightful. The event was an awesome affair. Tons of great food and so many people came to support her.
The best part for me…
was crawling up with her book the next morning…
Through a snow storm, sipping herbal teas and reading the day away!
There is something truly magical about getting lost in a book.
Being captivated by another time, letting your imagination run loose!
“Book Love – The Birds of Lake Lenape”
Her novel is about our community in the 1800’s,
a small town filled with lovable characters on their own journey, with all the little secrets in tow. I will treasure her book and fondly remember the whole affair for years!
I am honored to have met her. (aka Bonnie)
It is always a pleasure meeting artistic people, especially the ones who are willing to share their love. You can always see the passion in an artist who loves their craft.
It actually becomes contagious;
I wish I could build my whole gallery with artists like that…
Or bottle their enthusiasm!

Our Intern favorite Liz is working with two others on our new project;
A Bi-weekly writing/literature group!
We are all excited!
Looking forward to sharing our adventures here at the gallery again!
Friday night we have our “The Scholastic Arts Regional Show”
From over 2000 entries, there are roughly 200 pieces chosen. Honesdale,
Wallenpaupack, and Western Wayne High Schools will be exhibiting their winning pieces in drawing, painting, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, photography, digital artwork, fiber, and more!
So, with all of these fine works of art to get ready…
I will be busier than ever! What I love the most, I really enjoy exhibiting the student work. They become radiant when you see their pride showing their work!
I believe it's just good for the soul!
btw...My camera’s broken..:(
I wish I had a camera fairy who would just fix it, So I could show you all the latest and greatest! I found these photos to share: Two of the works from the upcoming exhibit (John & Bridget Gillian a talented brother & sister) and the others are a new line of shirts, with the works of Charles G. Woods. We will be selling them at the gallery! ($35 for whoever is interested)
So cool!
I look forward to catching back up with each and everyone of you!
Looking to see all your resolutions!
Keep Creating!

Friday, January 7, 2011


In this hectic life I'm proud to say that I have my freedom. I'm proud to say that I'm free to attend a fantastic school and that I have the right to give my opinions. In this world, many people don't have the same liberties as Americans do. So, bring in this new year with more pride for your country...the place where you can be you.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Little Insight From Liz

My hair was rambling
Behind my hooded head.

The cold had no effect
As it hit my vulnerable skin.

I was smiling internally
For I was with mother.

The shades of the sleeping trees
Astounded me as I passed by them.

This journey is brilliant
I love every moment.

Let the sloth pass by as I awaken,
As my spirit flies with my winged siblings.
To be alive is to be aware.
To be aware is to be awed by nature.