Saturday, November 20, 2010

Inspiration from Honesdale

Hey its Liz again [Caroline's blog partner in crime:)] I've taken this photo of the Lackawacken River from a tiny, blue walking bridge hidden away in the town of Honesdale. I was inspired to write the poem that follows because of the beauty of this river. Please, let me know what you think!

An observation

The suns rays
Made up of shinning light
Varying in strength
Shift upon my skin.

They move from me
To the river’s surface
Tinting its colors
While making the water shine.

The sun has the power
Of distinguishing purity
From a modern filth
In all winding waters.

All rivers
Untouched by man
Shine in the light
In a transparent way.

All other rivers
Touched by man
Are nothing but darkness
Killed by filth.

-Elizabeth Danon

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Tangent From The Observer

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since Caroline last introduced me on the blog... but things have been pretty hectic lately. caugh caugh... college applications and senior year of high school... caugh caugh. But hey, I am here now, typing away for all you My Journey to Neverland blog lovers. Please... Enjoy:)

To be powerful and to be safe is great. As Bob Marley would say, “No worries.” To feel invincible, to feel superior, and to feel like you were a steel fence is something that everyone strives to feel. Yet what if you were the railroad track that goes unnoticed behind the metal that’s called a hero? What if you were left to be walked all over by uncaring people? That high and mighty fence just stares at you with a hint of a smile that says, “I’m better than you.” It’s always protecting and always watching. You, on the other hand, just wait. The fence catches wary pedestrians from falling. Yet, you listen for the rumble of a train and feel for the touch of a curious butterfly. Somehow, I would rather be the unnoticed set of railroad tracks than the all mighty fence.
Liz Danon

A Picture Of Many Words

May the stones of our past lead us in the right direction. This is one of my favorite hidden spots in Honesdale. It’s only an alleyway, but when alone and stressed this place is great to come to clear my head. Just to think of all the people the stone wall and back of the church have seen and heard is astonishing. When I think of these people, and their stories, I realize that everyone’s life is unique. The old stones of the wall and church tell their stories. You just have to listen.

From... Liz Danon.

Update ~ Thank You Again

Quick update; we are almost ready for Thursday’s Show!
The windows and glass have been polished,
the cobwebs of Halloween have been dusted away!
I am so excited; The Connections Magazine’s Artscene Show will include the seven artists, featured in the magazine.
My hopes are to see you there; November 4th 5-7pm.
Your warm words, thoughtful cards and letters have been an inspirational blessing!
Although the economy stinks, our doors are busier than ever!
A great sign!
We have made serious cut backs, with great sadness, to our event schedule.
However, I am hopeful for the future.
Again, I want to thank you all for just being there with me… through it all!
Good and Bad!
Your friendship means the world to me!
Love Caroline