Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gallery Life

The pictures are from our Night of the Arts with the Milanville Poets Unlimited, who will again be playing here, along with Stephen Faubel; August 28th 6-9pm, “a sixties gathering!” Save the Earth! Music & Poerty!
We have Zentangles 101,102, and 103 coming in August 18th & 25th!
The Artist’s Lounge: Free Demonstration - August 11th 5-7pm
The Drum Circle: Thomas Deerheart - August 27th 6:30-8pm

What a busy season it has been, so far!
All things personal, including family and friends have been put on the back burner…
even my blog! However, disappointing that may be for my social life;
it is wonderful news about how the gallery is doing, it is thriving!
I have met so many wonderful new artists & friends! The gallery keeps growing, evolving and prospering. During the craziest of times!
It is a blessing! “Thanx God!”
As usual, the struggle between motherhood and career are still running full force, rampantly through my mind daily!
All my mistakes…
Like; I have realized how horribly wrong it was to spoil my children by doing everything for them as a stay at home mom!
Especially now, that I need them, to chip in?
I hear comments like "I don’t know how", "It’s not my job", or "other Mother’s do it",
Errr! This drives me insane, I believe it is some type of attention getting, out burst or mechanism! When you know you showed them how do it twenty times already!
Well, now that I got that off my chest!
I know I shouldn’t sweat the little things, but hey:
Life is full of the little things!
They are what make you smile and laugh.
Back to the Art world:
We just had our studio tour. Huge success!
Unfortunately, I couldn’t go on it like last year, I worked right through it.
I am thinking about adding and subtracting some events, I will be giving drawing lessons after school. Hopefully, I will get a student!
I am looking forward to another fun month.
Wishing you all tons of creative energy!


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog, your gallery looks wonderful, I am definately not close though, I am in the UK :)

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