Saturday, October 31, 2009


I love this artist:

I started the day running in full speed with the little ones..
I had a little witch, a ninja, a hippie and a big baby!!
Such a creative little bunch…
Those words heard around the country today!
I love Halloween!

How was it in your neighborhood?
Was it a Wash out?
Our day was full of on and off rain!
The children weren’t out like they used to be!
I hope you all had better attendance then we did?
We found out rather late, our town put out an order
not trick or treating till 5-7pm!!
What about the little, little ones!
My children are done, by that time!
At the gallery…
We decorated, primed and primed ourselves
My girlfriend and I were all dressed up as Witches
And then came the rain!
I ended up eating too much candy and drinking way too much
Ghoul drink…
Sales were great but..
We ended up going home early!
Hope you had a great Halloween!


For all those art lovers…We have a great show planned Thursday Night!
The Connections Magazine Artscene Show!
Four great new artists
Come meet them!
November 5th 5-7 pm
At the Philip Hone Gallery…


  1. with a huge bowl of candy...we only had the doorbell ring ten times in the two hours we were home....and we live in a neighborhood with 650 houses....go figure !

    so guess what we're eating today for all 3 meals and in between snacks....?

  2. i brought a bag of candy like i do every halloween but ended up mostly eating the candy with my boyfriend. i havent had trick or treators in years. its ok though, i still had a nice time hanging out with my boyfriend.