Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Friends...

Pictures: My dear famous friend Philip Jostrom! We just added his work to our website:

Excitement in the Air! So many great artists are here and new events are in the works! A personal invite to all for Friday's "Afternoon of the Arts"
Classical Music, Poetry, Art and the Ambience along with great friends and family!
Kicking off the new monthly event: Steven Faubel leads this Classical & Jazz Piano Trio and the Wayne County Literature Group begins this pivotal event where the arts come together for a night of culture in Honesdale.
Come Lift your Soul with Us!
Warm Apple Cider & Coffee Served
Maybe a little wine too!

I am truly having the best time but it’s getting so busy! Dividing my time between the artists and clients has left me with no time at all for doing anything for myself. So, I am truly looking forward to meeting all the new applicants and interns.
We had a great week at the gallery; a certain famous tennis star stopped at the gallery!It took me a minute to recognize just who it was…
Nameless is Required; for I would love to have her back!
It was so assuring that she loved the gallery and what we are doing!
She even purchased a few items! So to all my artists, a great big THANK YOU!
For making me look so good!

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  1. nice paintings. glad everything is going so good.