Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sally Mann:
Photography and art?
This week I was approached by an unsavory fellow who argued with me the cost of a photograph when actually he said “it is the same as a poster...”
Yeah right… Modern point and shoot person!
Why do some photographers demand more money?
Then again…
The old question is even Photography Art?
I believe this question has been argued to death!
My opinion: I believe 100% photography is fine art.
Matter of fact! Worth every penny! Which brings us back to another classic argument of what is fine art? Let’s not go there….
What makes you happy? Is what you buy!
The average joe knows not the intricacies of the evolution of modern photography
Educated eyes are not my everyday customer…
Maybe I could slap them in the head; and start to explain what being an artist means...
But then again; why bother?
But why beat a dead dog?
the mind the reasoning, being an artist, and what art truly is, will be argued forever.
My point is we are all artists in our own way….
Here is the link to a wonderful photographer part of the ART21 series I love…
Go to the fourth artist! Sally Mann
(The fourth in bottom…click on it)
Enjoy this amazing photographer.
Aka notice the Everclear on the table!! Sure it’s the process…
Call the state!!! You none artists….. the nude children!!!!
It totally reminds me of how I use my children in my work…
and how they(my children) perceive the madness of me…
Madness=being an artist 
Enjoy the link…
Sorry I’ve been away…
I miss you all, hope to catch up with you!

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