Friday, May 21, 2010

Busier than ever!

The Gallery Life:

Life at the gallery is going wonderful!
Busier than ever!
I couldn’t have dreamed a better dream.
I have recently added a new artist or two…
Whose work I find exciting.
I am really curious to see how they will be received.
We will be starting a new promotion this week…

Finding time is still a problem,
And of course finding help couldn’t be any harder…
As of today,
I will be revamping the office area,
I need it to be neat and clean!
Now that I have started my other job writing,
Piles of research materials and books have covered the desk!
It’s time to pack them up and bring to the home office!
Reclaim my desk!
So this week is… “office clutter be gone”

I am reading a new book…
I’d rather be in the studio! by Alyson B. Stanfield.
Which I would like to give a shout it out to the author;
for her quick response, when I had a download issue.
It is absolutely wonderful, in this time and age when someone gets back to you personally! Thank you!
I am excited to receive the book and will be diving right into it!
One of our community group’s leader has asked me to give the local artists some teaching or how to promote/marketing themselves.
So, along with some other resources, I will be trying out some pointers here.
Opinions always welcome.

The photo’s are from Wednesday’s Artist’s Lounge Night:
We had renown photographer; Chip Forelli giving us a demonstration for how to photograph your artwork, it was a great lesson!
It couldn’t have gone better!
Everyone who attended enjoyed it and learned a great deal.

Btw… the two interns on the Artist Trading Card Show have cancelled and I will be going back to interviewing some new candidates. We are still on for the show!
Keep Creating Caroline


  1. glad to hear things are going well and moving along. any issues will be worked out. keep working for what you want. its paying off.

  2. Looking fantastic! And it's great to be busy doing something you love. YAY! I love that top photo, by the way. Their shadows seem to be kissing on paper. :)

  3. a good messy desk is the true sign of a busy and creative person! but keep it somewhat organized! lol

    thanks for coming by...i like my new look better...wanted something non cluttered and fresh looking!

    now my art and creations stand out and take center the white walls of a gallery, you know about that!

    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina!

    glad to hear things are going well!