Sunday, June 20, 2010


Life comes at us in waves at times…
Of happiness and then of sadness,
There are seasons in our lives that change us.
However, being grateful in all things has become so difficult for me,
Especially at times like this.
Where you loose a family member.
You must trust, for me God.
I pray that each day; I am reminded that the only thing that stays the same is change.
Not to become complacent and remember to enjoy the journey.
To be grateful for each moment of time, appreciate the little things…
All those clichés that we hear over and over again, but never really do,
or at least I didn’t anymore..
I became so self indulged in my own little world of work, work, and more work!
I was loving my life. And then bam!
It all changed.
Life and chores just took over, I am even afraid to come here and share,
posting my articles… such a cop out.
I am confused about life.
I need to get back to the basics.
My drawing has always been there.
I thought this blog would be about enjoying the journey and sharing it, sorry.
I hope that this dreary post will be the end of it.
I hope that I can find my way again.
This is my formal post, to reclaim my life.


  1. hello Caroline...

    first off...thanks so much for coming by and leaving me your comment...
    i'm so glad you like my creations.... to what you were asking.....

    i'm listening....

    tell me more...

    what are you looking for?
    i need details before i can answer on this....

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. Dear Caroline. No apologies. As you say, life has its seasons, and it cannot all be joy. Sharing the grief hopefully leads to healing. Life certainly can change in an instant, and though we all know it, it always still comes as great shock.

    Your drawing is tender and so very beautiful.

    Hugs to you. xoxo