Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yes I am alive!

Yes! I am still alive & thriving in Honesdale, Pennsylvania!
My new life here and the gallery business is better then I could ever have imagined.
I am just so busy, each day, trying to do it all is challenging, to say the least!
The movies make it look so easy and fabulous!
When the cruel reality of it is:
For those of us with our careers soaring,
It usually means...
the other parts are collapsing!
Stress has become my new middle name,
The family life is in the toilet,
but I have my faith which is stronger than ever!
I have been put here for a reason!
I love what I do and the gallery is doing great!
Busier than ever, with the finest of artwork from the best artists around!
I am so blessed!
Thank you for your warm comments and well wishes, I so appreciate the support!
Your concerns were true, my silly health issues have been acting up again!
So, I’m back to the Green Goddess Lifestyle! Your warm prayers were appreciated!
Thank You, again!
The Gallery Life:
I want to introduce you all to “Kathy Showers” my new right arm and great, new friend.
She is partnering with me at the gallery, which means helping me out; holding down the fort while I am being Mommy & just plain human.
What I appreciate above all is that she really cares; having a passion for the arts and desire to create something special here in Honesdale with the community and ART!
She has been there for me; over and above the call of duty!
This is just for her: I would like to say a big, warm, “Welcome and Thank You“ from the bottom of my heart!
Pictured in the photos: Kathy is the model who is in the black sweater wearing our new line of shirts:
The other model is my daughter Ashley!
The great ART on the shirts: well it’s the work of “Charles Gregory Woods”
New, stunning, Fine Art wear-ables!
Both of the shirts are only $30, (opinions please)
signed by the artist, with about twenty designs.
Each one is unique, hand tie dyed and then hand printed with the old, overlay with screened printing the art. Yes done the old fashioned way! Each shirt is slightly different then the other.
I love them! Great work Charles!
The abstract chalk drawing is also by Charles Gregory Woods which is for sale at the gallery.
There is a special incentive of 25% off this work if you mention seeing it on the blog!
To all my friends:
If you want to write to me again, please do! I finally got the home computer fixed again, and hopefully I will be catching up with each and everyone of you! I so missed coming here, I love blogger land!
Keep Creating Caroline


  1. Hello Caroline!

    Nice to see you again, havent visited for a while!

    Hope your having a fun time!

    Ciao Bella!

    *Bella Bliss*

  2. Hello, and happy weekend to you! Sending you buckets of hugs and good wishes. xoxo!