Friday, January 21, 2011

Scholastic Show Pictures

I understand these photos are “kinda-hard” to see…
However, early in the night before the crowd came in, my intern Elizabeth took these photos of my friends. As we all know my camera is dead, in need of some service!
I thank you all who came out and supporter our students!
I believe this group was the most talented ever!
Just glimpse at the works!
As always keep creating it does the soul good!

Check out my article on the show in the Wayne Independent News!


  1. Wow! Looks like a great show and I agree, the arwork looks wonderful! Congratulations!

  2. I'm always so very impressed with how much talent these young artists have. Congratulations on a great show. And your gallery looks beautiful!

  3. Hello
    the gallery looks all filled up and beautiful! The art work DOES INDEED look great...
    ciao bella

  4. Ding Dong delivery!

    OH, Caroline! I'm so HAPPY to hear that the gallery stays open and that things are looking up. With all the events and services you provide, you make that beautiful town of yours all the more neighborly and charming. If I ever get to Honesdale, you KNOW I'm coming to visit!