Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zentangles to the Show...

Our great night of Zentangle!
I am so pleased with how our first class turned out!!
Thank you girls for all your hard work and all the fun too!
All the hard work is starting to payoff; the gallery looks great. I am proud to say I now have another five artists! New beautiful stained glass; two new jewelers, a phenomenal group of artists! I am so privileged to have them all with me.
I have decided to start the gallery’s own blog:
My hopes of writing about a new artist each day. (did I say that already?)
While I am looking to hire some interns and to go forward from here, the work has truly been hard on my family. The show was wonderful all the artists did great! The gallery was stunning!
I however felt like I was run over by a truck. I stayed in bed all day today, what a week…

My friends Bob Neil and Jim Rickert will be staying on as my advisors.
I have a new great friend named Donnie Schmidt, she does feather painting and pastels! She will be keeping the gallery open on Sunday’s for us.
Her web site is
Thank you for all your support!! I have the best blogger friends!

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  1. Thanks for your comment on mine.
    I actually do comment and reply comment.
    I find time to visit blogs.
    I am so glad you have so many friends doing the zentangle show. Keep it up:)