Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Olivia Tolson comes to Philip Hone Gallery

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The pictures are of the wood carvings by Olivia Tolson as I was unpacking, hope you enjoy!!!

Sorry, I haven’t been posting regularly….
I have a show Dec. 17th Thursday 5-7pm. Hope I can get some new work done!
I will try to post my work for you to see. Until then here is a little tidbit for the gallery’s website something I am truly excited about….the work of Olivia Tolson, so I have written this introduction and have decided to post it here too. Ideas and Opinions always wanted!!

The Philip Hone Gallery proudly announces the arrival of: The Olivia Tolson’s Collection. We now have the long awaited, highly desirable, hand carved ornaments from Olivia. A local favorite during Christmas time, all her work is meticulously hand carved and hand painted. See Photos…
On a more personal note about Olivia Tolson; I was struck by this talented woman from the first moment I met her and her family. A strong Pennsylvanian whose intelligence and talent combined with down home tradition, with a dash of a sincerity, she is undeniably the back bone of this country.

A true artist; whom I admire. Talent like a stream runs swift and deep within the generations of this family. Her daughter is our own Patty Baker Smith whom enlightens and inspires me. Patty is also a talented artist, mother, and savvy business woman with outstanding skill and talent. (Remember the conchs I carry) I carry a large variety of her work! I hope to emulate this family’s creativity within my own family. These women are symbolic of all that continues to spark the public’s interest in original folk art from Pennsylvania; quality, originality, beauty and the magic of imagination.
These treasures are rare, and will last for many a generation. Each piece is signed and original. I fully understand the demand for these precious pieces; if you are interested please come in this week; I can’t promise they will last.

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