Friday, January 8, 2010

Keep Creating!

Old painting I did with watercolor and pencil.

Did anyone read the “Arts Watch” Article on
“Using Art to Heal the Body and Soul”

According to national surveys in 2004, 2007, and 2008, art in healthcare facilities—hospitals, in particular—can reduce the length of hospital stays, need for medication, and number of complications. Coupled with increased staff retention, that means hospitals have more to gain from displayed art than better moods: Thoughtfully selected and exhibited images have measurable economic benefits.

It took them long enough to figure out what we have always known deep within us!
That Art Heals Us!
Just showing up and drawing for an hour has always been nurturing for my soul!
Being snowed in today; what a great experience…
It’s hard to believe that a little over a year ago, I was stuck in bed unable to move, gout in my legs, my hands were swollen, etc…
Life was a mess!
But then…
God ~ Thank you for healing me and bringing me back to my Artwork!
I know it was just sketching each day, but it is really wonderful to see how far God has brought me back to health!
and of course: a great, supporting family helps too!

Words of the Day; Stay healthy and keep creating!

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  1. Gout oh gosh, my husband suffered from that for years but now on meds is doing very well and is a new person.
    Reading the UK blogs I follow I dont envy them the amount of snow and disruption, I hope yours is not too bad but we had photos in the papers today of frozen oranges in Florida. Unbelievable, now are we in for an ice age?

  2. Yes, keep creating!
    I hope we have more time for the above.

    I super love this portrait, with special appealing effect to catch the audience attention!
    She is a true beauty and so elegant and seductive captured by you!
    Keep up your good work:)

  3. what a beautiful reminds me a bit of anahata or sabrina ward harrison....

    and thankfully the frozen fog doesn't keep us inside at it doesn't adhere to the roads....just everything else

  4. Caroline, you art is stunning! You have such beautiful drawings and paintings. And what a FUN drumming circle you have! Wish I was in Honesdale. :)