Monday, January 11, 2010

Last night’s Drum Circle

Last night’s Drum Circle

The day started off crazy;
Had to go to the bakery,
had to dismantle the last show
and take in a ton of new work!
Prepare for the event;
Cut the fruit and veggie platters,
all the meats and cheeses,
Normal event fair!
And then…

My wonderful son…(10) Geno, spilled a Mc Donald’s Chocolate Shake right on the floor, in the center of the gallery!
While I was getting ready!
Yikes! I threw a major Hissy Fit!
My poor husband took the brunt of my anger!
So sorry babe!
Quickly escorting all the children out the door…
The mess was quickly cleaned just as two artists were walking in!
Some how I regained my composure…
The event turned out great!
I am so excited to say:
What a FUN Time!
Tonight when my daughter comes home;
I hope to upload the pictures to the Facebook and Website…

In the meantime;
The pictures posted where from my new friend:
Sherry Abel
Thank you!
I met a lot of new friends!
And grateful for my old friends stopping in and joining us!
Thank you Lucille & Chip!
Tara, Carol, Deb, etc…
Thank you for All for Coming!
I had a great night!
The night ended with the guys; Steve & Thomas
deciding to do it monthly!!
I am extremely grateful to be working together on this!
In the future, I will be better prepared!
I hope sharing this little behind the scene’s moment
will give you a little laugh!
I am glad to say today, I can laugh about it!


  1. The milkshake mishap is priceless! I've been there. Looks like your event was a success!!

  2. I love it when it seems like everthing is going wrong, but somehow, at the end of the day, we can find that it all works out and that, indeed, we can end up having a really great day/night! Great pics of the event!

  3. Hello Caroline, thank you for visiting and your warm message:)
    Sorry to be late here.
    I really hope to be here, I love participation.
    I am so glad to witness the Drum Circle sharing through your blog, at least I wouldn't miss out anything even though I was not there.

    Great to hear the event turned out great!
    Congrats again.

    What a coincident, I also spilled some porridge on the floor, I was not careful.....

    Wow! The different drum sets here look fantastic too.
    The place I work for only have 2 types of drum!