Monday, April 19, 2010

ATC's - The Letter "o"

This was my little attempt to do the letter “o”
along side a friend named Terri, who does this fun blog:
ABC - ATCs Around The World

This is a group from around the world doing
a brilliant job at ATC’s!
There are so many types of ATC’s available to do!

The only limitations are your own!
This site is a good place to start looking,
getting inspired and hopefully
starting your own artist trading cards!
Be sure to drop them a line,
mention a comment, these women
have wonderful, playful, spirits!
They are my friends!
Have fun creating!


  1. This is such a neat drawing...
    makes me want to exclaim....

    "0" my goodness!!!

    and ATC's sound interesting, I've never tried my hand at them....humm....

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina was here~!

  2. I LOVE this little guy! Gorgeous curves to his arm. And his expression is priceless. They are brilliant creatures. So smart!