Sunday, April 11, 2010


The images are other items made by Pat Baker Smith,
She is just phenomenal with what she can do with a brush!
Besides she is a great friend too!

My silly life:

I am so tired of apologizing for my life’s craziness,
or do I just…
Embrace it and tell you all about it?
I figured why not, you wonderful ladies have been with me from the start and know me better than anyone.
I had gotten news about three weeks ago, my sister in law has stage 4 cancer!
OMG! A big hit, and just growing worse…
even through the Chemo!
It has hit our family big time.
Before this….
She lost her husband a few years ago,
Two amazing children are my niece and nephew.
Besides that…
My husband and I have been going through a major train wreck with our finance since loosing our home for half it’s value, and me starting this silly gallery.
I finally said it!
It’s finally out there for everyone to know, my beautiful gallery is growing with leaps and bounds, and my personal life is clasping all around me!
Do I go back to our home in New Jersey?
Do I just give it up?
I just can’t quit, I have never been a quitter!
What is a lady to do?
I am extended to the max now, how do go through this?
How in the face of despair do you continue?
Should I continue?
Do I still believe in miracles to the bitter end?
That working my fingers to the bone for nothing more than
a silly dream to help others while I do something I love?
That following my passion will really work?
Do I still believe all that I have always believed?
Could I have been wrong?
Faith, I have it, but was it in the wrong place?
All along on the wrong path…
Seriously loosing her mind.


  1. У нас говорится так:" Все, что ни делается, - все к лучшему!" Держитесь, будьте оптимистом! Удачи!

  2. Wow... I popped over to thank you for your kind comments at my blog, then find this heart-wrenching post. I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through this incredibly tough time of transition.

    It's times like that when I all I know to do is pray. I know that might sound flip, but in situations that are beyond me, I just ask for guidance. I ask to feel peace when a decision or move is the right one. Then I just listen--and listen--and listen.

    Sending warm thoughts your way!

  3. I feel like Amanda, and I would also think about maybe taking a partner? someone to help share the expenses. It sounds like the gallery is your heart and it wouldn't be right to give that up.
    I've enjoyed my time here looking around! I love your gallery!

  4. Hey Caroline, keep it together woman, life is full of twists and turns and we can only depend on one thing,, change will always touch us in one way or another!

    Stand tall, pull your resources and you'll make do....keep your passion...and it will "keep" you!

    thinking of you...
    ciao bella

  5. One day at a time my friend, and never give up the dream. some days can get quite tough but there is always a dimmering glow,where there is light there is fire,and with all the gusty winds these days you know it's going to ignight soon,it's all it takes. Please let me know if you need something for your sister in-laws cause.