Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introducing Liz

Yes, I have been MIA!
With all the excitement in the air, our events are better than ever!
And I am busier than ever…
We have a whole new line up of artists, and of course…
Our new show on Thursday! “Four Women of Substance,”
What a glorious success!
Come join us and share in the excitement!
Strong, Talented Women whom are full of wisdom and let's talk art!
To die for! I will be posting all the details this week!

Tonight I will be introducing our new intern Liz and her work.
She has been photographing our beautiful and charming community.
Just only 17, and full of passion and determination for the arts!
She hopes to bring a touch of the little things to our blog…

All the local beauty, majestic and historic scenes,
With even the quirky things we truly love about our town.

Liz enjoys writing and literature, so of course I said go for it!
Give it your best shot;
And well she did it!

I will be adding her work daily to our blog.
And my request to all of you; my friends…

Share your wisdom and direct her with the spirit, soul and kindness you have shown me! I think she did a great job; and only you can tell her!
These next few weeks will be your opportunity to inspire and direct her!
So much for me;

Introducing Liz:

1 comment:

  1. Congratulation Liz, well done! your work looks beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing more! I like the Women of Substance idea, fantastic.

    Caroline, thank you so much for your lovely comment and offer! i'm thrilled to pieces and would love to talk to you more. If you'd like, please email me at lorigrahamx5@gmail.com

    thank you!