Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Picture Of Many Words

May the stones of our past lead us in the right direction. This is one of my favorite hidden spots in Honesdale. It’s only an alleyway, but when alone and stressed this place is great to come to clear my head. Just to think of all the people the stone wall and back of the church have seen and heard is astonishing. When I think of these people, and their stories, I realize that everyone’s life is unique. The old stones of the wall and church tell their stories. You just have to listen.

From... Liz Danon.


  1. wow, that looks so cool,
    this is my favourite too! and i would love to live there! it seems so lonely but romantic.

  2. it is lonely...but it really makes one think about life. it's beautiful[bella]. thankyou for your comments!!! if you're ever in pennsylvania u should definatly check out honesdale. theres so much history, art, and amazing nature here:)