Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Wow, what a wonderful holiday it has been here in Honesdale, at the PHG!
From the rolling train rides with Santa, hearing the conductor shout “all aboard” to the bustling street fairs, filled with the magical aroma of roasted chestnuts on the outdoor grill... (of the Trackside)
This is that Norman Rockwellish town I’ve dreamed about.
How blessed I have become to have been welcomed into this charming community!
We are still bringing Art of all types to life!
However, to my great disappointment my postings have been few.
Hopes of reviving my daily writing, a new commitment with the New Year!

First, I wanted to share with you the previous month at the gallery.
Our book signing was a wonderful success; the beautiful author Brownyn Mc Enkegry was so charming and delightful. The event was an awesome affair. Tons of great food and so many people came to support her.
The best part for me…
was crawling up with her book the next morning…
Through a snow storm, sipping herbal teas and reading the day away!
There is something truly magical about getting lost in a book.
Being captivated by another time, letting your imagination run loose!
“Book Love – The Birds of Lake Lenape”
Her novel is about our community in the 1800’s,
a small town filled with lovable characters on their own journey, with all the little secrets in tow. I will treasure her book and fondly remember the whole affair for years!
I am honored to have met her. (aka Bonnie)
It is always a pleasure meeting artistic people, especially the ones who are willing to share their love. You can always see the passion in an artist who loves their craft.
It actually becomes contagious;
I wish I could build my whole gallery with artists like that…
Or bottle their enthusiasm!

Our Intern favorite Liz is working with two others on our new project;
A Bi-weekly writing/literature group!
We are all excited!
Looking forward to sharing our adventures here at the gallery again!
Friday night we have our “The Scholastic Arts Regional Show”
From over 2000 entries, there are roughly 200 pieces chosen. Honesdale,
Wallenpaupack, and Western Wayne High Schools will be exhibiting their winning pieces in drawing, painting, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, photography, digital artwork, fiber, and more!
So, with all of these fine works of art to get ready…
I will be busier than ever! What I love the most, I really enjoy exhibiting the student work. They become radiant when you see their pride showing their work!
I believe it's just good for the soul!
btw...My camera’s broken..:(
I wish I had a camera fairy who would just fix it, So I could show you all the latest and greatest! I found these photos to share: Two of the works from the upcoming exhibit (John & Bridget Gillian a talented brother & sister) and the others are a new line of shirts, with the works of Charles G. Woods. We will be selling them at the gallery! ($35 for whoever is interested)
So cool!
I look forward to catching back up with each and everyone of you!
Looking to see all your resolutions!
Keep Creating!

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  1. Wow! It sounds like things are going really well at the gallery, I'm so glad!! I don't know if you remember me, I fell off the blogging map about a year ago, but have rejoined the blogging world a few days ago! I'm looking forward to keeping up with your blog again!

    Kate (the artist formerly known as Kathy) LOL!!