Sunday, December 27, 2009

a new purpose for other blog...

The Artist is Liz Gembraski who is the first artist that will be on the newly repurposed blog:

To all my dear friends and family:
I wish to take this moment to:
Thank You!
This year has been an electrifying whirlwind for me;
Meeting such a great team of artists;
Whose friendship, talent and great compassion for life;
Graciously giving me the support
& kindness that I need
each day!
Has inspired me into a new realm of my own life!
Each day has been filled with fun…
Excitement, Joy, Craziness, Passion, Love…
Through the Ups & Downs
Amongst the challenges,
You have been there…
I am learning so much!
How do I begin to thank all of you?
For the encouragement
My words can’t express the gratitude
I feel!
It would be impossible for me to be
The person I am today,
Without your support & friendship!
A great big:
Thank you!
From the bottom of my heart!!!

A new purpose for old blog:
As most artists: I love looking at others work
and getting inspired to
Work harder on my own works!
I hope to
post daily the artwork
and quotes that inspire me!

All the artwork will be from the artists
around the PH gallery and in my community!
I hope to inspire you as I have been inspired!
Please enjoy it!

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