Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Season...

This Painting is a very special piece from Gloria Forelli. This won the Knickerbocker Award!!! I am officially honored to have her with us! I am sure you would agree, this is one heck of a painting! Check out the detail! An amazing painting by a truly amazing woman!” I am not sure if she will get angry with me for posting it? Her spirit is strong, kind and obviously talented beyond compare. Anyone interested in a GiecleĆ© contact the Philip Hone Gallery.
You all know it’s the Season! How I love it!! However, I have been so busy, busy, busy!
I miss talking with you all more than you can imagine! The artist community is growing with leaps and bounds. I am challenged to figure out how to do this all!
I recently posted an add on craigs list for a partner!!!
Sad but true, ok don’t laugh!
More than anything I wanted to just “Thank You” all for your continued support, hardwork, and know that I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity!
The warm wishes & prayers are a blessing I will never forget!
May you all survive and thrive in this wonderful season!

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