Monday, February 15, 2010

Honesdale Mardi Gras

Some fun photos of how things went this last Saturday…
Our charming town of Honesdale had a Mardi Gras Day in which the local businesses dressed up in typical New Orleans’ fashion with fun promotions and themes!
Wow, talk about frozen to the bone!
It wasn’t really a long procession,
each business rounded town at the top of each hour…
Hopefully giving great deals and offers to the community!
When it was our turn to cruise the community, we headed up around 2pm!
But being the artists we are…
All of us dressed up and participated in the hoopla, I was Alice in Wonderland, Donie and Josie were the Queens of Hearts, and our Jessica was the Jack of Hearts!
Our mission was to raise awareness about the Wayne County Arts Alliance’s
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Fundraiser!
Our beautiful Queen and her little Miss Josie handed out “Candy with invitations to the event.”
I should have gotten a close up of her outfit it was so cute with matching crowns…
We drove up and down the town in a golf cart…
with a little decoration.
(Thank you girls!)
Waving and Smiling….
We gave it our best try…
I don’t think I came close to looking anything like Alice!
However I had great fun, a lot of laughter, a little self promotion and of course another unforgettable experience with good friends!
I really like this Jess she is a firecracker of a woman, lovely, smart, and charmingly elegant to watch! A big heart and a super volunteer!
Honored to call her my new friend!
and I heard…
We even made the local news!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging away, life has just gotten the best of me lately…
My personal life has gone through hell; with my father’s heart attack, and a whole bunch of craziness at home, I am working hard at catching up! I hope to get back to all of your wonderful letters and comments!
On a better note: the little gallery is doing great!
Busier than ever!
So I wish you all “oodles of creativity!”
Be all that you dream!

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