Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New at the Gallery

New this month:
A Free Art Giveaway! Come in and fill out an entry form!
Alan Crothamel’s Painted Feather Print!

Check out Linda Cobb’s new Zentangles!

The Creative Process:

We are having an open discussion at the Philip Hone Gallery for all who might be interested…
Friday, February 19th 2010 at 6PM

Mort Malkin of the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, writer at the:
aka; the renowned writer & poet extraordinaire!

Will lead us in an open discussion for artists, writers, musicians, craftsmen, poets all creative souls! Anyone interested in how to switch on that creative light bulb in the brain!

We will explore creativity in human history.
Straight line and random thinking.
Steps leading to illumination ( that “Aha” moment).
The creative process vs. the scientific method.

The various artists are encouraged to bring a work or two to illustrate how they personally go about their art, how they switch it on!
The invitation is also extended to parents, teachers, librarians, business people of all stripes!
Admission: your thoughts and openness to the ideas of others.
Coffee & Cake Served


  1. oh MY goodness...I can't believe that is painted on a feather! I've never seen anything like that...wow!

    thanks for sharing...inspiration abounds in blogland, right!

    ciao bella...and thanks for stopping by and following me too.

  2. Wow!! Beautiful artwork! Wish I lived close by, I'd love to come to the open discussion.

  3. Wow! Amazing arts. Just so beautiful. Excellent is the word!

  4. Very nice work!!!! Amazing:D
    nice to meet you