Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life’s crazy moments have been replaced with sickness.
I have been fighting this cold for a week, but I guess when you finally take a day off; bam its hits you!
If its not one thing is another!
I am in my Pajamas at the computer at 10am!! My day is half over!!!
Wow, I haven’t done this in years!

I spoke earlier with you about getting new artists…
Here is one of them; Today’s inspiration is Donie Schmidt at; http://philiphonegallery.blogspot.com/
You all know her from here, my partner in the Art World.
Stop by and check out her great wolves!

I spent this past weekend at Marywood University and attended the openings of two talented artists:
One professor Mark Webber and the Young Artist Series – Rouge Bodies by Ryan D. Ward;
I had a great time. My friends Leslie & Charles Woods (in the photo) and I attended the Gala Opening Reception.
Wow, talk about a great turn out.
The art was inspiring, the company intellectual, and I was in heaven!

I hope that you enjoy a little peek for more about the show;
Link to the current exhibit at Marywood:

Thank you all for your comments and continued support!


  1. aww...i hope your feeling better....of course as I type this my own nose is running like a tap....ew...too much information....sorry!

    i love going to art shows...I always come away inspired and feeling intellectual myself! lol


  2. Hope you feel better and thanks for posting on my blog. The tarot card exhibition in LA was terrific. The cards some old some new were so interesting especially being able to read about the history.

  3. Hope you feel better soon, love the peak at the art gallery and show. I dont think these really are zentangles as I dont use a card or particular sizes but certainly the idea is there. Whatever they are I like doing them.