Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My daughter; Angelina Denaro

I just wanted to post my daughters pictures after she won her first art contest!
She won January’s Student Contest for her plate, at our gallery!
It know it might sound fishy but she was the only entry!
Go figure? Giving away free art supplies and I still don’t get any entries!
Thus the pictures are of me giving her the $25.00 gift certificate and then her going to the
Hanson’s Decorum for redeeming her art supplies!
What a great day to see her so happy buying new supplies!
She got a new drawing pad, a huge painting kit, and these fun paint markers!
I love that she is still using them today!

I am looking forward to this darn snow storm coming in!
I am still ill but….
It has a bright side;
I am finally catching up on some long needed rest!

As you all know; it’s been officially 5 months that I own the gallery!
I thought a lot more would have been accomplished by now!
However, I have begun to realize I am not super woman after all!
Deciding what I want to bring to the community has been one of my major concerns…
and finding out what they would like is a major dilemma.
So my question to you…ALL my friends is:
What would you like a gallery to provide you with
if you could have anything you wanted?
Please suggest something…


  1. Thank you for dropping by my site, congrats to your daughter, doesn't it feel even better than when you succeed yourself? My son is in art in college at the moment. Beautiful gallery!!!! Hope you feel better really soon....I'll be back!

  2. I am so glad you came for a visit and I appreciate your comments so much....
    Your daughter is precious and it's so much fun to see a young one so excited about art.....
    Love your gallery....
    Hugs and Blessings,

  3. ummm....what sort of works are you displaying now....
    without knowing that...I'll venture out and say...
    local artists...bring them something where you explore the scenes from around the city you live in....
    people love interaction...
    if I lived close by, I'd come out to see you this afternoon...!!

    i'll look around your blog some more...maybe i'll get some creative ideas for you!
    ciao bella

  4. congrats to your l'tl one!
    Its a gr8 feeling for mom's:)

    Love her work...very colorful!

    ps:Thanks for your visit and comment. It does inspire me:)