Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Opinion for cushion cover.

Trendy Cover for seat?
Dear hip and trendy friends your opinion is needed desperately!
I am covering that old chair seat and was asking which of the three patterns would be the best?
It is in my little office with the big flower chalk board mural.
Just leave an opinion, don’t have any cool little check list…


  1. Thanks for your uplifting comment in my blog & thanks for following me.
    Yes, I am looking forward to a wonderful friendship:)

    As for your cushion query, I think the second and third looks good. Rule out the first. Second has a classy look while thrid has a trendy look. Which look are you looking for? Thats Imp.

    BTW no rules for Cactus Mondays & Blooming Tuesdays. Only that you've to post cactus can be your drawing, photos, anything connected to cactus. Similarly blooms on Tues. You can very well join us..It would be a pleasure to have another new member on board. You can join Cactus Monday by clicking on the link in my blog. It'll take you to Teri's blog who's our chief Cactuteer. Its her invention. And for blooming you just've post it and then comment on other blooming tues post to make your paticipation known. Thts it:)

    Hope to see your cactus & bloom posts soon.

  2. Hasn't tht taken the proportion of a mail?? :)