Sunday, May 17, 2009

First week at the Philip Hone Gallery

Sorry, I haven’t been to neverland, well, the blog anyway! The carpenter finally showed up! Yeah!!!!! Jump for Joy!! All the molding is finally complete. Now no more excuses, I will be painting trim all week long! Yuk….
I am still uncertain what “date” would be the best for the opening. I need more finances to complete the rest! I still need to get the signs made up, inventory for the storefront; and the cameras for the teaching room, anyone know someone who can help me with grants? Writing them?
I’ve enjoyed a full week working at the Philip Hone Gallery. This was my first week alone at the helm! I definitely have “a way to go”; physically I am shot! My legs have swollen up again.
This isn’t what I need right now. I need to recommit to eating right, but I have such issues with that whole healthy eating thing! Yes the juicing works, but how boring!!!! If anyone has suggestions of new; gluten & dairy free foods that actually taste good? tell me! PLEASE !!
Back to the Gallery News:
Wow, as a mother who has been in kiddy land for the last 20years, even thou I was tired, at the same time I was elated and inspired just being in the company of other artists. I have met so many inspiring people I can’t wait to share them all with you, hopefully in stories to come!
The Connections Show:
The Connections Magazine’s Artscene show was a Success! Well as far as I am concerned! I am glad that I stayed after my shift and hung around. They had four fantastic artists showing their work, a fairly diverse group; two photographers, an artistic gardener, and a collage artist.
Good food, wine, and new friends, the perfect ingredients for a fantastic night!
Maybe next time you can come with me! ! I have posted some pictures I loved from the night of the show,ENJOY!!!
#081 Me & Jimmy; my angel who helped me get thru!!
#099 The rainbow that showed up “just for me”
#100 My friend Bob “the rainbow” who helped close the show!
The night was great fun, I am tired and going to rest so thank you for helping, You know who you are! I’ll post more photos of the artists and their work tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping in and for all the support!! Love Caroline

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