Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Entry

My first entry for our Youth Encouragement Program, Our own Rachel Gorman and her entry is entitled: “Bodhi Tree”

Her Paragraph explaining the submittal:

“My piece is inspired by Buddhism and its traditions. Historically; the Bodhi tree is a sacred fig tree in India. Under this tree the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama, first achieved enlightenment. Enlightenment is spiritual wisdom enabling clarity of perception. Wisdom can mean many different things as and can be achieved in many areas. However, enlightenment encompasses the idea of observing the world around you; perceiving life through all of your senses and understanding its meanings.”

I think this contest is going to be such a fun experience for the students and myself!
Starting the contest off with a great piece! kudos go out to Rachel.
Keep an eye out for our young Rachel Gorman; we have her work coming to the PH Gallery and it rocks!!

More news...

What a busy, busy week the store is bustling with excitement! Or does it just feel that way? I am getting a great selection of artists’ submittals this week.
I am so… determined to find the right artists for the gallery.

Going LIVE

This is my first attempt on linking the camera up; with high hopes for the future!

I will be streaming live;
I plan on interviews with local artists and in the future some “how to”
classes over the internet!
My launch date is still pending and will be determined in the next month..
with the interns; and the grants and a whole bunch of legal stuff!
I hope to share this all with my blogging friends.
Have a great weekend! Sincerely Caroline

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