Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo like or dislike?

My daughter did this photo collage. Opinions please…
Keep or do a new one? My son said “Mom you look evil!”
Never enough hours in the day! Exhaustion setting in on these old bones…
Sorry ladies! I did have grand visions of myself running home after work effortlessly making dinner and tucking the kids in bed!
How does reality differ from the real thing! Two days of moving and my body is aching and more still needs to get done! About thirty trips up and down the stairs and I am exhausted! Running home to dinner; Huh that was just as fun, even with prep work at 5am, I am just getting to sit down to the computer now at 9:30! Anyway… I am supper grateful of this mean steak Johnny brought home yesterday. It has been so long since we had steak!! Hotdogs and macaroni can drive anyone insane! Than I did my cleaning up after dinner and now; more laundry too!
To all you strong woman I admire so much; How do you do it?
I stink at this! How am I supposed to make it through? Where can I find the working mom’s bible? Or a how to that works?
Well now that I got that out! I would like to say; “sorry” that I haven’t kept up with my posting. I am so jealous of all your progress…
Have a great night; I will post new photos asap.
love Caroline


  1. Babe, you wanted truth and you know I'll deliver - it is a little creepy. But you're gorgeous! I think you can get a better pic.

  2. Caroline, You are doing great. I like the photo. You are a strong woman. Everyone has doubts but those are just fleeting thoughts not the truth. What you do is what counts. I applaud your focus and your dedication. Keep on the road and just know there will be mind clatter along the way. That is life. Glad you liked the mag. cover I left at your door. Nancy Wells