Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Shining star, a sneak peak!

I met this really talented mother her name is Patty! I am so excited...

I have to talk about her!!! She might become my newest artist?
She also has 4 kids and an artist!!!! Today was part of the open studio tour put on by the Wayne County Arts Alliance.
Its like holy shoot it really could happen, I have found my mentor, the problem is; she is too young…. Hardly a day older than me, but miles ahead of my time.
I really admire her. Anyway here is her link. A fantastic artist her work totally rocks….
All of her work is done by hand, wood carving and all. The pictures don't do any justice for her work. When you see the paintings in person, its like WOW!!

I believe she will be the star in my Gallery.
I hope you enjoy!

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  1. thats great. it seems like you two may become friends from this. hope it goes well.