Monday, August 10, 2009

Vincent Van Gogh Cypresses

Vincent Van Gogh Cypresses 1889
While I am home and not at the gallery, I continue my studies with Van Gogh.

I find his work and life fascinating.

The movement within the tree and landscape continues to impress his sheer genius upon me.
I thought you might enjoy it.

This painting was done while he was a patient in the asylum at Saint-Remy.
Which gives me plenty of encouragement!
That which does not kill us…
makes us stronger!!
I will be back to the Gallery tomorrow,
Keep Creating! Sincerely Caroline


  1. thanks for posting. that is a nice painting. amazing that he was able to do that while in an asylum. its very true that what doesnt kill us will make us stronger.

  2. Love this painting...and what you see in it, Caroline; action, energy, chi, orgone energy. It is absolutely alive! And the colors!! Why do we love Van Gogh so much?

  3. Wow! You should look at my myspace page 3 years old or better, had my daughter Brooke help on that one. Vincent Van Gogh Starry starry night, music Don Mc Clain Starry starry night. Your friend Pat