Monday, October 4, 2010

Carpe Diem!

Go for it now! The future is promised to no one. ~Wayne Dyer

The beautiful, young lady pictured here is Liz our intern with one of her drawings.
She is also one of my students. I teach a small drawing class to the local kids for two hours, once a week.
I really enjoy doing this. They are a talented bunch of little artists!

I have been going through hell trying to get my camera & digital storage devices to work right.
The stupid thing (camera) cost almost 2Grand, and it is falling apart!
Right after the warranty expired!
I know…
So, then purchased a video camcorder this week and
Well let’s just say I am taking it back to the store!
it’s another piece of poop!
I know I have been promising you the photos from the show…
I hope to bring them to you this coming week.
That nice woman at CVS photo downloads them to a disk for me.
So much for complaining!
The other photo is our new artist Lisa Domiano’s work titled; “Take a little piece of my heart.” This is made from ruby red glass, old, rusty nails and barbed wire.
I can’t wait to see what she brings in next.
The apples are a giclee by Phil Jostrum, a talented local painter. He was the set designer for the Godfather Movies. I still pinch myself we are friends.

Wishing you all a beautiful, productive day!


  1. sorry to hear about your camera. it has happened to me before too. i like the apple painting. i hope you can get your camera fixed soon and post those pics. i would like to see them.

  2. How nice to meet Liz! She is a wonderful photographer and a great artist, too! Very creative. :)

    Wow, those apples are gorgeous. They really pop off the painting against the rich background and frame. And that heart! Holy moly, incredible heart!

    I've never been to Honesdale, but I heard about it frequently. My late husband grew up in Jermyn and Clarks Summit. Hope you fix the frustrating camera problem soon! Ugh!