Thursday, July 2, 2009

Artists in, Artists out

The top picture is a 4ft x 4ft dramatic butterfly!
by Debbie Gioello.
Yesterday was her final day at the Philip Hone Gallery. The news came suddenly, her health is declining, and a little slowing down is the treatment!! She is known for her etchings and her long art career with her own gallery!
A special thank you, for a great run at the gallery! Hope to have you back when you’re up to it

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Thomas Merton

The next photo was sent from Charles Woods, from our Photo shoot at Peter English's Studio... for his next show, it's me sweating with my two little ones, my eldest daughter was the model.

That is the third photo, my daughter Ashley; artisticly reinvented by Charles Woods.
Well, I am happy to actually make a post, for days, my home computer kept dieing right when I uploaded!!
I am way too busy to do any posting at work; the beginning of the month is super crazy, total work overload!
I was gently reminded today that doing what I love, left no room for complaining! How I wish I could have remembered that before, I spent half the day chewing a few friends’ ears off!!! and the rest of the night regretting it. Could someone help me take my foot out of my mouth!
Thank you Terri for your kind words! Just what I needed at the right time! You Rock!
Keep creating!

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