Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photos of the Gallery

These are some shots of the Gallery; I hope you can get a feel for the place. I have three display cases (glass) which need to be filled with ART!!! I am 86ing(getting rid of) the small toy antiques and crap. I hope to find the right people and fill them with phenomenal work!
Today was an adventure of sorts, I had 3 interviews and one audition.
I am really enjoying the journey, today! I was treated to a great musician, and some amazing watercolor paintings…
I have a new favorite artist her name is Barbara Briden, well traveled, intelligent, and above all kind. Her work will be in the August issue of Connections Magazine, and in our show August 6th 5pm-8pm. I would love to see some familiar faces (YOU) for my first show! Sincerely Caroline

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  1. i like the gallary. i'm sure you will fine people. just keep working at it.