Thursday, July 23, 2009

The pretty Monarch… this amazing butterfly has such a special meaning for my husband and I.
When we first started dating, we went on a long, day trip on his 1969 panhead harley motorcycle, we traveled up this highway, called the Kangamangus in New Hampshire. Just when I was thinking about bringing him home to meet my family…. and having the time of my life, the weather was so perfect! He pulled over when to get a better view of this waterfall, and then it happened! I had just witnessed a million butterflies as they hatched!
There were so many all over and surrounding me, I was scared! My arms & head were covered with them. That is when I decided, “that it was a sign from God, that he was the right man, we were married 2 months later… .”
Maybe its a little silly, but my first husband had passed 5 yrs prior to meeting John, and I was afraid that I wasn’t ready. It was supper funny that I shot this two days before my anniversary this week, 10 yrs!
Little reminders from GOD.

The Gallery & Studio
The first day of our street fair and…
I sold two paintings! A great day!
The artist is a college student, I am super happy for her.
I am still looking for artisans, pottery, jewelry, and of course
anything out of the box!
And soccer girl I am truly sorry . Good luck with your blog.
Sincerely Caroline


  1. congrats on selling 2 paintings. little reminders from God are nice. i have had them too. you just know when its right. congrats on the 10 years too. my boyfriend and i have also been together about that long, it will be 10 years this november.

  2. OMG thanks,i apperciate that ur helping me improve its just you said"who would want to come here"made me mad...could you follow my blog????

  3. Caroline thank you for the love.

    Renee xoxo

  4. This story gave me goosebumps! Thanks for sharing.