Monday, July 27, 2009

Crazy and Desperate Artist

It’s been a supper busy week, thank God! If I didn‘t stay busy, I think doubt would set in? I keep trying to figure out how I can do everything! As you all can guess by now, I am tired!
Real tired!! and things are about to get crazier...
The kids are still rebelling, and the money, what money!!
Speaking of money….
I am announcing another first for me; “to my great support system, my blogger friends”
I am so honored to have been chosen by all the partners, especially by Bob and Jim, the two guys who renovated the gallery and started this great venture. Not only will I be running it; I will own it!!

They wanted to move on...
and I said Yes, come September it will be really mine!!!!
And then…
After I said yes and told everyone this week, when all the noise stopped, and I had a moment to think,
All I could think was; how crazy I am!
I love supporting the artists and being there, but will they all leave now?
Will I fall on my face?
I believe this is where I should be, but what the hell am I doing?
That wonderful little devil called doubt!

I truly believe this is a gift from GOD.
How else could this happen?
I have to believe there is a plan!
So… I hope I can make the gallery all it can be.
As we all know there are two other great galleries that just opened, both with tons of experience! About a month ago, I lost some artists to them, but God opened another door and sent me some real great talent.
My plan is to be myself and put my studio in the back of the Gallery. I will paint there, while I am there daily, and hopefully more often…
I am going to keep it open as long as possible. (Greater chance for the artists to get seen)
Regarding my studio.
I am sad that I have to let it go…I don’t believe I can carry both! Or maybe God will send another miracle?
I sent a letter to the Alliance, my attempt to save it! Looking for artists who might want it? I put so much hard work into it. It would be wonderful if someone could appreciate it like me.
I would sub-lease it for $400.00. That is because I would want to keep the office.
Three rooms with plenty of light, great location…
Artist and Business (aren’t they opposites)
and a parent too!!!
the Desperate Crazy Artist!
Sounds like a great new name…

All advise no matter how crazy will be needed!!!

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  1. thats great that you will be owning the gallery soon. i think you can do both. that would be a good idea for you to have your studio there to paint and express yourself. just think about what you need to do, organize and plan yourself before you own it. you should do great.