Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vincent Van Gogh 1853-1890
Sunflowers 1887
I started this neat “Painting a day link….from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
I hope to keep up with it, there is always room for improvement!
"Gold is gold, no matter how muddied it becomes. The truth always wins out in the end. "
Daisaku Ikeda
At the Gallery…
The day was great, my little Angelina(7) came with me, we spent the morning coloring! It is really wonderful spending a day at work with your daughter. I never had a job where my kids were welcome. I finally started sketching, I did a nude woman this morning…A nice change from the craziness!
I am going to look for intern’s come September, just a little notice before the launch, incase someone out there wants to give it a shot.
Today I met two of the watercolor artists for the Connection Magazine’s show on Thursday the 6th , (5-8pm) the event will rock! I am so excited and wish I could download some photos of the works, but sadly…. I’ll have to wait till the 7th to show you all.
I do want to say that these women; Catherine Phillips and Barbara Briden couldn’t have been any nicer. It is so refreshing to meet talented artists with charming personalities including modesty! I truly understand the need for tooting your own horn, but sometimes I wonder if people are talking to me, or just enjoy hearing about themselves?
They both are self taught; and have done “en plein aire”!! as you all know my favorite.
Barbara is well traveled; which is evident in her new pieces, two stolen moments of time; the shear skill of doing groups of people in watercolor with no mistakes!!! AH! She rocks it out of the park. Again, I am so happy to have these woman at the show, and truly enjoying promoting & supporting other woman who have learned it the hard way!! DOING IT themselves!!
I can’t say enough about meeting other artists and doing this for a living… I have my dream job, I just hope God will be with me. Another month to go… and we will find out!
To all my artist friends…. Keep Creating and living the life…One stroke at a time!
Sincerely Caroline

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