Monday, April 27, 2009

This was my second watercolor; I have been practicing and hopefully will be back painting this week!! I went shopping for supplies today.....
On the road today! What a beautiful day; I went into Scranton and did an adventure walk about. Well at least in my own imagination.
I stumbled upon the Marquis Gallery & Frame shop.
I was pricing some mat’s and frames for my studio opening, when I met a really helpful woman named Stacey Baress, omg I mean so so helpful, so sweet and kind she didn’t mind my stupid questions, she even directed me to where I could get some great deals on art supplies!
I also saw the work of Rodrica Tilley, such beautiful work!
Her landscapes are to die for, the pictures don’t do justice! The ones I saw just took you away to another time period. Her style is impressionistic and done; plein air with pastels.
Basically, this means that her work is loose, my daughter says “like music, vibrating,” and she works out side!
Similar to Monet, this is the style of work I dream of doing. As soon as I get this place done, I am definitely going to ask for a lesson! Here are the links:


  1. That is ONE BEAUTIFUL PAINTING...Classic, I should say! I just loved the colors..colors attract me:) Its so bright & warm...Great Work,Caroline.

    You are in your dream..thts what I feel from your painting.

    Get well soon so that I can see more of your works:)Hope to see you around.Have a Great Day!