Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ashton Kutcher saga!

Obviously the big discussion on the web has been the whole CNN vs Ashton Kutcher race.
What is your opinion?
I agree that one day tv & the internet should/would merge!! Did You ever see such madness? "Rock on!" Twitter!! The youtube response?..... to the ding dong ditch from Ashton Kutcher! Even a fake Ted Turner? This is all wacky!! I love this…I was laughing so hard….
Thanks for sending the photos!~ U rock Ashton K! Can’t believe you bother with us….. the little peeps!! Does anyone really believe this is him? Or just a hoax?
Links to his Ustream….
Ashton K….winning link to live feed on links…..

The Studio News:
I have so many wonderfully exciting updates for you. I just need to wait till Monday, for all the dots and crossings of the (t's) to be done AND THEN: The studio agenda WILL BE DONE!!! This is so mind blowing! I can't wait to tell everyone....I am so sorry about the secrecy. Keep praying for me! Till tomorrow..... Miss you all, Love Caroline
I have been working really hard to catch up to all your letters, be patient!

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