Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Plein Air trip?

This was my sad watercolor....
practice practice practice!
This week’s trip to the gallery has inspired me and I can’t get doing pastels off my mind! I have been inspired to take the children to the lake for a Plein Air session! Hopefully they will be just as excited as I am! It will have to be the third week in May.
I believe that Beaver Lake in WLE would be the best site for it. As you can see in the other post , the lake is small, calm and beautiful. It's a wonderful clean beach, with picnic benches and swings. Right now, there aren’t any vacationers to get in the way…. I was thinking I should get some photos taken of the site, just incase the weather acts up! The kids will have some reference materials. I am going to come up with a little how to lesson for them, just haven’t decided which medium to use. Since seeing Rodrica’s amazing pastels; I am super tempted to buying a set and giving it a shot! If anyone else is interested in coming with us give me a call! You know I have extra supplies and always love the company!! Tomorrow is my first day at the gallery! Wish me luck! Love Caroline

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  1. Wow - beautiful stuff! You posted a comment on my blog from my site a while ago and I didn't get back to you. I keep up with a blog almost daily -

    I love your art and your blog - I hope for you that you open your art studio very soon and that it is an enormous success! Keep on keeping on, and it will be.