Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday; CNN news Autis

CNN Clip: Teacher helps Autistic!

Watched this segment on CNN, and exciting news for Geno!
They found a way that the children with Autism can learn.
Through the video taping of themselves writing letters and words, they played them back for the children; and it is working!!! Hope that Geno will start reading & writing soon. They didn’t leave a link for the purchase of these tapes, hopefully they’ll be on the market soon! The link:

Till the latest pictures are transferred; I am highlighting a friend:
Little Debbie: She is a wonderful woman, whom I admire. She helped me thru some tough times. I loved this picture she took of a Pennsylvania waterfall:

This wonder water fall; a common scheme to photo up here! But she does it with style!
Kudos Debbie!!

She is a member of the Pocono Photo Club:

The Studio
All I can say is we’ve started the “the restoration” of the ceiling tins they look awesome!!
Everything is busy, busy, busy! I am loving life! But tired! The “for hire” ads have been posted, and finance has been approved and on the way…..

Off to work! Have an awesome day! Love Caroline

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