Friday, April 3, 2009

Rainy day from my window!

I frequently do photos of around town! I am considering doing an About Town piece weekly here? Would like your feedback!
I thought a little more information about this charming town was in order! Well, to go along with my pictorial post!! hehe
Like I have stated before…. “Wonderful Sunday Post” many of the buildings here date from the 1800’s and mine is one of them! Originally it was the WAYNE INDEPENDENT news building!! This phot shot from my second floor window. Even a bakery occupied the ground floor. They are now renovating the place for a Designer Name store……Shall I mention Gucci!!! Can’t wait!! For all of us that love designer brands….. remember the name Emily!! Suck up now! hehe
This charming town is approximately 8 blocks long with tons of retail shops, antique stores, restaurants…blah…blah…blah… for the fun stuff:
The weekends bussels with people and sidewalk sales even artists’ work! Smells of baked goods fill the air! Its like a large market place up and down the blocks. Reminding me of my days in the village!!
BTW; Two new art galleries are opening. I haven’t been to either yet! My favorite gallery in which I can’t get enough of is the Phillip Hone Gallery! Everyday there are new artists, either coming and going! Adding their works or stopping in for a visit! They have a wide variety of art & personalities!! Just a sampling from the gallery are realistic works of local wild life, dramatic photography, primitive paintings of local fare, inspiring landscapes, and sculptured works of colorful pottery & statues!!. I love the fact they are different than most snooty galleries! They are warm, friendly and dying to help you find what your looking for….Even to just gab about the work!!
I am hoping to get their permission to post some work here on my site! I am sure the speed at which I work can’t keep up with the daily LUST for more Artwork!!
For now I can link you to them:
Here is the Link for all of you “fans of architecture” wishing to trek along the streets! The Historic Society has a wonderful walking tour guide for all those interested in finding these wonderful architectural gems!
Until my future tidbits enjoy the site!

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